Why Vesper One?

Why Vesper One?

When it comes to shopping for vaporizers, it’s an understatement to say that there’s a wide spectrum of quality. Vapes are made in many shapes and sizes — e-cigs, vape pens, pocket vapes, box mod vapes, pod vaporizers, the list goes on and on. How are you to know which one is best for you?

At Vesper, we want to settle this debate for good by offering the best vaporizer on the market. While some people have their reasons for buying cheap vapes that are practically disposable, anybody who plans on getting sustained use out of their vape needs to consider a long-term solution.

Enter Vesper One, the image of sophistication and luxury in the vaping world. Vesper One is loaded with features that we’ve poured enormous amounts of time and energy into developing. Vesper is representative of some major innovations in the architecture of a vape.

We know that Vesper One is the vape for you. But if you still need some convincing, let’s take a closer look at what makes Vesper One stand out from the competition.

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Unprecedented Battery Life


How many times have you carried around a vaporizer, going about your normal day, only for it to die on you? Battery life is something that always seems to be a thorn in our side nowadays. For most people, it’s already enough of a chore staying on top of their smartphone’s battery life, which are hardly ever adequate. Between that and other devices such as laptops or game systems, the last thing you need is to stress about the battery on your vape.

Unfortunately, a lot of vapes don’t last much longer than your phone. In a worst-case scenario, you might be charging twice or three times a day. On the other hand, some of the best batteries on the market last up to one or two weeks. Not bad! But Vesper One has them beat.

Vesper One can last up to two months on a single charge — and that’s with daily use.

You didn’t misread. Charging Vesper One just once can provide up to thirty to sixty days of use, even more if you’re not getting it out every day. Needless to say, battery life isn’t something you’ll be worrying about ever again.

Vesper One's Vape Battery


Nobody is happy to see their prized possessions break. No one’s day has ever been made better by a popped tire, cracked phone screen, or ripped pants, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that durability was one of our main priorities when designing Vesper One. A broken vape is frustrating and annoying, especially since vaping is often an activity that’s done for the express purpose of stress-relief and relaxation.

Vesper One, as we mentioned before, has a battery life that can’t be beaten by the competition. But there’s another area where it also stands tall as the best in its class — survivability.

We have specifically engineered the Vesper One to hold up against all kinds of abuse. While we don’t advocate anyone intentionally roughhousing their luxury products, the good news is that you probably won’t have to worry about breaking your vaporizer in an accident.



Vapes come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. The first vapes ever, e-cigarettes, had considerable thought put into their appearance, being directly modeled after the original product they’re named after. As vapes became more sophisticated, their visual design changed, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Vesper One is a far cry from the pen-like design of the original e-cigarettes, but we believe it’s more elegant than anything that has come before. Vesper One has an elegant rectangular design that’s small enough to be convenient, while not being so small as to be easily lost. It’s big enough to have some weight, but not so big that it’s a burden.

You’ll love the feel of the Vesper One in your hands the moment you hold it for the first time. Even better, we offer it in three different colors. The golden Vesper One is a representation of class and luxury. The iridescent model will turn heads, ideal for people with a colorful personality, and the gunmetal model is a sleek silver that you could never go wrong with.

Air Flow

We’ve gone on and on about quality of features, such as battery life and durability, but what about the quality of the vaping experience itself? After all, what would be the point of owning the finest looking vape ever made if it wasn’t actually good at doing its job?

Fortunately, you can put those fears to rest. We devoted enormous amounts of time, energy, and research into innovating the best battery ever made for vaporizers — you can bet we did the same exact thing for the vape’s airflow.

We market Vesper One as a luxury product — would it really be fair to call it that if it wasn’t in the top of its class from a usability standpoint?

  • Intensity Settings: Anyone who’s used multiple vapes knows that they can vary in intensity. A poorly made vape may provide an incredibly weak experience depending on the strength (or lack thereof) of its atomizer. Temperature and the overall strength of the unit are important factors here, which is why Vesper One provides intensity settings that are easily adjusted with the push of a button.
  • Higher Airflow: One of the deciding factors of the vapor quality is the airflow inside. The lower and more restricted the airflow, the less the impact will be from the e-liquid that’s being vaporized. The mouthpiece of Vesper One is wide for improved airflow, and the internals within are designed to for it to be as clean, quick, and unobstructed as possible. This means that every puff will be more potent than what you’d experience from other vapes.
  • Bigger Clouds: One of the best parts of vaping is the clouds you can create, and with devices that have tighter and lesser airflow, your clouds won’t be as big. If you’re a cloud lover in vaping sessions, you won’t find a better vaporizer than Vesper One. Our vape creates larger smoke clouds than the competition. If this is how you like to vape, look no further.


Another aspect that defines a luxury product is how easy it is to use and feel. It’s hard for a product to be considered the best when it’s a hassle to use and overly convoluted. Fear not, however — Vesper One is stacked with quality of life features that elevate it above the competition.

Vesper One’s Useful Features 

Auto-Inhale and Press Inhale:

Some vapes can vary on the method of inhalation — automatic inhalation allows you to inhale continuously, while Press Inhale allows you to inhale at your own whim. Knowing that users have their own unique preferences, Vesper One is readily able to provide both options, all with the simple push of a button.


One design flaw that’s often criticized of pod vaporizers such as Vesper One is their tendency to leak, especially at higher temperatures. The separation between cartridge and battery can sometimes cause this, but through innovations in our industrial design and production process, Vesper One is airtight. No more leaking!

Simple and Easy:

Have you ever used a vaporizer that seems intent on making the process as convoluted as possible? With Vesper One, put these fears to rest — there’s no “press three times for this” and “press five times fast for that” nonsense. The buttons and layout of Vesper One are intuitively designed, easy to use, and elegant in their simplicity.

510 Compatibility

If you’ve ever shopped for premium vaporizers before in the past, there’s probably one major doubt you have that could be holding you back — “will I have to use proprietary cartridges?”

Indeed, it’s not uncommon for a vaporizer to have its own specific connection for pods or cartridges — one that’s incompatible with the industry standard 510 connection. This is a headache for many buyers. Sure, you get to use an amazing vape, but is it worth it if you don’t have access to the many vape juices and e-liquids that you’re used to? Furthermore, will the proprietary cartridges cost more, be harder to find, and run the risk of being discontinued or abandoned in the years to come?

These are all valid questions, and they were on our mind, too. That’s why we made Vesper One compatible with all 510 cartridges. We want this vape to be as user-friendly as possible, and it wouldn’t very well be if you couldn’t vape the industry standard.

Vesper Cartridges

With that said, Vesper One does, in fact, have its own form of proprietary cartridge. Vesper cartridges will have the highest quality e-liquids and vape juices, and we hope you’ll give them a try. Many retailers are already working with our cartridges to make incredible flavors, and we know you won’t be disappointed.

The Minds Behind Vesper

When you’re looking for the best of the best, a product that can genuinely be considered at the top of its class, your attention will eventually be drawn to the creators.

The creative minds behind a product can say a lot about it and speak to your desire to either own it or run away from it. Do they have a history of sleazy snake oil business ventures, or are they qualified professionals with an impressive list of achievements, accolades, and passion?

We have a feeling that you’ll like what you see when you look at Vesper’s leadership. Two great minds have come together to create Vesper One, and their ambition is an inspiration and driving force for everybody who has helped to bring our product to life.

Paul Pierce - Co-Founder and CEO

If you’re familiar with basketball, you probably already know exactly who Paul Pierce is. Paul spent nineteen years in the NBA as a Top 50 player of all time, bringing his team to two NBA Finals and one Championship, which ultimately earned him Finals MVP honors. Impressive as his basketball career is, he is much more than just an athlete.

Paul immediately turned his sights to business after retiring in 2017, and in that time, he has brought this company to life, spearheading the development of Vesper One. That being said, this isn’t Paul’s first rodeo in the business world. Paul has developed countless real estate projects, restaurants, and even ran a non-profit organization which brought health education and services to low-income neighborhoods.

Paul is also well-known for his finance acumen — over the course of ten years, he taught personal finance seminars to professional athletes. Paul’s unique experiences make him an exceptional addition to any team, and he couldn’t be more excited for the future of Vesper.

Elliot Mermel - Co-Founder and COO

Elliot Mermel isn’t a household name like Paul Pierce is to millions of basketball fans throughout the country, but his list of achievements is just as impressive.

Elliot was turning heads all the way back to his days in seventh grade, where he started his first company selling customized trucker hats. This was a sign of things to come for his entrepreneurial spirit, but no one could have predicted just how far Elliot could go.

Elliot would go on to acquire a prestigious education, receiving his Bachelor of Science in the Business of Medicine at Colby College. He then turned his eyes to a Master’s Degree in Bioentrepreneurship at the esteemed Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

While in school, Elliot’s engineering skills became manifest when he created a web-crawling, natural language processor and used it in a tech company to track stock prices for publicly traded and highly volatile biotechnology companies with a low market cap.

Back in the states, Elliot continued his work in the biotech sector, creating two companies — one of which became California’s first edible insect farm, and another which researches and develops organic biostimulants for the agriculture industry.

Some might say that Elliot’s achievements are already too many to count. But in reality, he’s just getting started.

Why Vesper?

Looking at the amazing history of our two company founders, it’s easy to wonder, “how does vaping fit into all of this?” It’s a good question! And the answer is simple — Paul Pierce and Elliot Mermel both have good reasons to be in the vaping business.

Paul Pierce - Helping Others to Relieve Their Pain

For a long time, Paul Pierce has been an advocate of safe and healthy ways to treat pain, stress, and anxiety. Paul, through almost two decades in a sports career, experienced his fair share of these things, and eventually came to realize that vaping was a therapeutic and productive way to treat them.

Paul is speaking out now about the viability of vaping and CBD oils as a means to treat problems which athletes and everyday individuals face on a regular basis. As part of this effort to help others, he has created Vesper, hoping to provide the best vaporizers on the market to anyone and everyone.

Elliot Mermel - Breaking New Ground in Biotechnology

It’s no secret that Elliot is an incredible force in the world of biotechnology. His two companies, Coalo Valley Farms and Titan Biologics have made noteworthy innovations and discoveries in their respective fields, and in his time working with the latter, Elliot experienced some overlap with the vaping industry.

This exposure eventually led Elliot to start exploring the world of biotechnology, which ultimately led to him researching and developing vaping tech. Vesper One could not exist without Elliot’s groundbreaking work, and we’re excited to see how much further he will push vaping technology.