I have an iridescent Vesper One and LOVE IT! It’s so simple to use, the clouds are huge, and the best part is the charge lasts a super long time. Thank you, Vesper, for making one stellar product!

-Tamara D. (Thousand Oaks, CA)

I love the new Vesper One vape! It’s got multiple settings depending on the size of the clouds you want - use the red setting and it makes massive clouds! It’s easy to use and fits nicely in my pocket. It has an adapter if I want to use a 510 cartridge, and when fully charged the battery last a really long time. It’s definitely the best vape I’ve used yet!

-Greg D. (Los Angeles, CA)


Yo, I've been vaping vesper since I got one at their dope launch party last October.  Love the smooth hits and fat clouds.  I also love how the converter works with any 510 cart I get but I can't wait to get my hands on the Vesper Pods when they are released (WHEN will this be and WHERE can I get them!?)  anyways phenomenal product and I'm pumped to never have to buy a sh*tty battery again. 

-Peter M. (Portland, ME)


The @vapevesper is the best pod style device and battery on the market 🔥. This thing rips! That's an understatement.