Your Guide To Vaping CBD: Part 1

Welcome To Your Guide To Vaping CBD

Welcome to your guide to vaping CBD! Here at Vesper, we are the experts in everything luxury vaping. Our luxury vape battery is the absolute best on the market, so it's only fitting that our luxury vape shop would be your guide to everything you need to know about vaping CBD! Let us take you down a rabbit hole of knowledge — this guide will take you through the history of CBD in the United States, how CBD works with your body, and the best way to vape your CBD (with Vesper luxury vapes, of course!).

In our next part to our guide, we will dive further into exactly what CBD is and how it works with your body. In today’s blog we will briefly cover the complex history of hemp and CBD. You can’t know how bright the future is for CBD until you know its past, after all!

CBD, A History

Humans and CBD go way back. We know today that the history of humans and using the hemp plant stretches back for thousands of years, and goes back even further than archaeologists and historians are able to trace. In fact, we can posit with some certainty that for as long as humans have inhabited the earth, they have looked to nature to heal ailments and provide relief for diseases and conditions.

The hemp plant has likely been used by humans for medicinal purposes as long as we have been around. Although they probably have used it well before then, the first written record of medicinal plants was 5,000 years ago in the ancient civilization of Sumer. Historians know from records that Sumerians cultivated plants and distilled or processed them into medicines for various ailments. The plants we know today as hemp contain the CBD that is extracted and used for medicinal purposes.

Outlawing CBD

Doctors and scientists began to formally research CBD in the 1800s. At this point, concepts like plugging a cartridge of premium CBD oil into a luxury vape were still well over a century away. Scientists first recorded extracting CBD from hemp in 1840, but it hasn’t all been uphill from there!

In the mid-1900s, things got a little more bleak for hemp and CBD. The 1800s and early 1900s were a time when heroin was a common ingredient in medicine, and alcohol was often consumed more than water. Obviously, this had some negative repercussions for society and the people who became addicted to these substances. In a sweeping effort to rid the country of all substantive evils, the United States began to outlaw all substances they saw as dangerous, including hemp and CBD. This would unfortunately lead to a decline in scientific investigations into CBD’s potential positive benefits. It would be several decades before the negative stigma concerning CBD would begin to lift.

Banishing the Cloud of Stigma

Despite this, a few decades ago, more research on CBD began to be conducted. The more information that was learned about CBD, the more it began to be accepted into mainstream society. We have now reached a point where hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states! It is now conveniently easy to pop a CBD cartridge into your Vesper luxury vape battery and take a deep draw of that sweet, sweet CBD goodness.

But what are the potential benefits of CBD and how does it work with your body? Read the next part of our series to find out. Vesper is now not only your one-stop-shop for everything luxury vaping, but your vaping knowledge gurus too!


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