Why People Start Vaping

Are you new to vaping? Well, you’re not alone! Vape culture is growing more and more every single day, and everyone has their own reasons to join in. To understand what vaping can do for you, it’s important to understand vaping in its entirety, and part of that is learning why people choose to vape in the first place.

This can be helpful to anyone, whether you’re considering vaping for the first time, or you know somebody who’s interested in it. By knowing common motivations, you can help to tailor the vaping experience so it leaves a good first impression.

At Vesper, we want to provide the best experience possible for people who are into vaping. Here are some reasons why people often get started. Do any of these things describe you, or perhaps a friend or family member?


We’re always seeking to make healthy and wholesome connections to other people. Humans are innately social creatures, and it’s natural for anybody and everybody to have a natural craving for good relationships and frequent interaction. One of the best way to do this is through shared hobbies and interests, and if you’re looking for a good bonding experience, vaping is a solid choice.

Vaping is innately social just from the nature of the activity. If you want to enjoy it with other people, it requires you to gather together, and you often have to find a designated place to do it, since it can’t just be done anywhere. This sometimes means that you meet up as a group and go somewhere together, resulting in plenty of time to talk, socialize, and just chill before the vapes come out.

And the vaping experience itself is a fun social activity. You can just talk about whatever’s on your mind while you enjoy your vape juice flavor, you can see who can make the biggest clouds, or you can do, well, whatever else you want. The point is, you’re gathered with friends and you’re doing it together.

There’s also a large vaping community beyond your immediate circle of friends. There are countless vaping enthusiasts online, and it shouldn’t be hard to find people in your city who share your passion. Overall, vaping can be a great way to find whole new circles of friends, which is one big motivator for a lot of newbies.

Old Habits

If you talk about vaping for long enough, it’s virtually unavoidable — eventually, it will inevitably be compared to smoking in some compacity. This is both fair and unfair. It is unfair because, despite their similarities, vaping has completely different effects on the body and mind than smoking does. But it’s also fair because the actual process of doing both activities is pretty similar.

And that’s why a lot of people start vaping — a lot of them tend to have smoking habits, and they take up vaping because they’re either trying to get away from those habits, or because the process is so similar that they think, “why not?”

While vaping CBD oil and smoking a cigarette are two completely different things, you’re still putting something to your mouth, heating it up, inhaling the taste, and exhaling the cloud. For many people, the similarity helps to ween them off of traditional smoking without having the feeling of quitting “cold turkey.” For others, it’s just another thing to do recreationally.

It Offers More Control

This one is a bit similar to the point above, because it primarily applies to people who already have experience smoking in some capacity. But in a nutshell, one reason why people flock to vaping is because it provides a similar experience to smoking, but with far more control over your experience.

The first big difference between vaping and smoking is that vaping provides you far more options of what you’re actually vaporizing. Because you’re just heating liquid into a gaseous state, there is a much bigger variety of what “works” with vapes, and many of these things don’t induce any kind of high, such as hemp-based CBD oils. This is great for people who have gotten used to smoking as a social activity, but want to get away from its harmful effects.

With vaping, you decide what you want. Do you want something that’s totally harmless, which just has a nice flavor? You got it. Do you want CBD that can make you feel more calm with stress-relieving effects? There are countless options. Do you want to use your vape as an e-cigarette, using e-liquids which have some traces of tobacco in them? That can be a great way to quit cigarettes.

But aside from flavors and cartridges, you also have a lot more control over your hardware. Thousands of different vapes exist. You can go for something super cheap, or you can opt for a luxury vape like Vesper One which will last for years. You can choose airflow settings, which affect the size of your clouds, and you can choose different types of vapes, such as vape pens, box mods, and more. If you came from a more restrictive pastime, the variety which vaping offers will feel miraculous.

A New Hobby

It’s healthy to have hobbies. Some people have twenty different hobbies that they manage at once, while others pick one and do a deep dive into it which lasts for their whole life. But those who don’t have any hobbies at all will find that it’s easy to get bored, lonely, or feel dissatisfied with life. Hobbies help to give us something to do, goals to strive towards, and like we mentioned above, they quite often come with a community.

Some people who take up vaping are just looking for something new to do. And the good thing about vaping is that there’s a massive world you can dive into. If you’re concerned about running out of things to do, don’t be. There are thousands of different vape juice flavors, and you could spend years trying everything out. There as a virtually infinite amount of vape configurations, and discovering the best vapes and accessories could be a fun pastime. And then there are also cloud chasers, a pastime that has so much depth that it has spawned an abounding number of competitions throughout the country.

The point is, there’s a lot to do if you want to get deep into vaping. If you’ve got friends who are already into it and you figure it’s something you enjoy, it can be a good way to adopt a new hobby which could keep you busy for years to come.

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