What Defines a Luxury Brand?

When it comes to basically any product, you’re bound to find a variety of different quality tiers. There are usually cheap, affordable options, middle of the line products, niche variations, and luxury offerings. This is true for just about every industry — cars, food, clothing, technology, toys — you name it.

At Vesper, we’re in the vaping industry, and we’re proud to call our signature product, Vesper One, a luxury vape. But “luxury vape” isn’t a term that’s often touted through the industry, and it’s easy to wonder whether we’re the real deal, or just talking ourselves up. It’s a good question, and every consumer should be asking these kinds of things if they’re planning on spending money on a luxury good.

To determine whether a luxury product is worth it, it’s important to understand what usually defines a luxury brand. In this blog post, we’ll look at the common hallmarks of luxury brands, and you can decide for yourself if Vesper One lives up to its name as a luxury vape.

Build Quality

One defining characteristic of a luxury product is that it doesn’t skimp on quality. Luxury brands are sold at higher prices for a reason — they have superior build quality that doesn’t cut any corners. You wouldn’t want to buy a car that’s known to become unreliable after a few years of use. You wouldn’t want to buy nice clothes if you know they were going to fall apart in the wash after several cycles. And with a vape, you surely wouldn’t want to pay a higher price unless you know that you’re getting high-quality components.

Vesper One’s Premium Build Quality

With that being said, let’s take a look at Vesper One. One of the things we pride ourselves on the most is the components we’ve used to build our premium vape. You can bet that it’s not made from fragile components that will break in your pocket or hinder your vaping experience. Here are some components of Vesper One that have truly luxurious build quality:

  • The Casing: Did you know that Vesper One is one of the most durable vapes on the market? We’ve carried out tests we’ve dropped Vesper One from balconies multiple stories high onto pavement, and the vape lived to tell the tale. While this isn’t something you should try at home, you can rest easy knowing that it will take a lot of punishment for your Vesper One to break. The rectangular design prevents the fragility that’s often problematic with vape pens and e-cigs, and Vesper cartridges are wide and stout, so you don’t have to worry about your mouthpiece snapping off. Finally, the zinc alloy is firm and scratch resistant. You’ll love how sturdy Vape Vesper Feels.
  • The Battery: Vesper One has one of the best batteries on the market. There’s nothing our team hates more than an unreliable battery which dies after just a few hours of use — whether it’s a vape, smartphone, or laptop. So we made our best efforts to equip Vesper One with the mightiest vape battery ever, and we’re pretty proud of the result. The Vesper One 1100 mAh battery can last up to 1200 puffs on a single charge, which for some vapers, is enough to last for two to three months.

Visual Design

If there’s one thing that most people think of first when they think of luxury products, it’s visual design. Luxury brands are meant to look and feel nice, because one of the biggest intentions is to send a message — people who use luxury brands like to have a feeling of classiness in their lives, and that’s hard to achieve if a product’s design is so tacky that it makes you stick out like a sore thumb.

There’s a pretty big difference between dining at your local steakhouse and popping into the nearest McDonalds. The former is meant to be more sophisticated than the latter, and when people go there, they expect that standard to be consistent throughout the whole experience. Visual design plays a huge role in how we perceive certain items and industries.

Vesper One’s Sleek Visual Design

The aesthetics of Vesper One were very important in our design process. One of the biggest reasons for this is the perception that people have about vaping. A lot of non-vapers are tragically misinformed about the nature of vaping, and to millions of people all over the country, there’s still a negative stigma associated with it.

A lot of people assume that vaping is meant to get you high, and they look at the vaping community as a bunch of soft drug users who have a corrupting influence. There are others that only associate vaping with cigarette smoking, and they assume that vapers are low-lifes and addicts. Indeed, vaping has a lot of negative stereotypes to countless people, so we knew that Vesper One had to be immaculately designed in order to be taken seriously.

Vesper One’s shape is meant to be elegant and simple. We wanted it to catch the eye, while also not being distracting. We thought of three distinct color schemes that would be pleasing to the eye in any given situation. Do you think we succeeded? That’s up to you to decide, but judging from how many people have ordered Vesper One, we know we’ve done something right.

Meaning and Purpose

Another defining characteristic of luxury products is that they tend to have a deeper “meaning” than the cheaper alternatives. You’ll often find a mission behind luxury items, one which is deeper than just existing for the sake of being bought and sold.

In a famous TED talk by Simon Sinek, he asserts, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” In the talk, he mentions Apple as an example. Instead of Apple saying “we have a nice product, here’s why, go buy it,” they have a deeper subtext to their marketing. To paraphrase, their message instead, is, “We believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently.” Because they’re able to sell this message, consumers are more likely to see Apple products as representations of innovation and forward-thinking, rather than just a nice product.

In other words, luxury products often have a higher intent which drives their entire design philosophy.

Vesper’s Purpose

When we say we have a true purpose for Vesper One, you’ll probably find that our story is pretty interesting compared to most typical companies.

Vesper was co-founded by none other than legendary NBA star Paul Pierce. While Pierce enjoyed a long and fruitful career in basketball, it wasn’t without its consequences — he eventually found himself under frequent stress and pain, in no small part due to how much he tested his body in those years.

Paul Pierce turned to everything he could, and eventually, he found that CBD was an amazing solution to many of his pain problems. Pierce has always had a penchant for helping others, and when he realized how amazing the benefits of CBD were, he wanted to help spread that to as many people as possible — especially fellow athletes who could relate to his pain.

In an effort to destigmatize vaping Pierce created Vesper, and of course, the Vesper One. Pierce’s message is that anybody can vape, from average everyday joes to famous celebrities and sports stars. There’s a vape out there for everyone, and for those looking for a luxury vaping experience, Vesper One is the obvious choice. Vesper One represents not only a step forward for luxury vape design, but it also carries the message that vaping can be a therapeutic, healing experience for anyone, anywhere.

Vesper One - Enjoy a Luxury Vaping Experience

Vesper One embodies quality in every aspect of its design. Our luxury vape not only looks and feels nice, but it also delivers an amazing vaping experience, with potent taste, high airflow, and various temperature settings. Are you ready to try Vesper One? Order one from our store today.