Vaping and Airports - What You Need to Know About Flying

There’s no question that vaping is becoming increasingly popular in America. As vaping culture becomes more and more widespread, much of the stigma surrounding it has evaporated. Many people pursue e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional smoking, while others use vaping as a means to benefit from the effects of CBD.

With vapes becoming ever more widespread, to the point of prolific celebrities such as Paul Pierce endorsing them, it’s important to know the laws that surround them. Specifically, you’ll want to know what official policies are if you’re planning on traveling via plane. After all, airports are stricter than they’ve ever been, and you don’t want to shell out money for a product such as Vesper One only to have it confiscated because you weren’t playing by the rules.

Here are some things you need to know about flying with vapes.

You CAN Pack a Vape Into a Carry On

Here’s the good news — you can take your vape with you if you’re flying! However, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it according to the TSA’s standards. It’s best to err on the side of caution here.

First off, make sure that your vape is packed within its own special vaping bag. Similar to laptops, they will want you to remove your vape from your carry on when you go through security. By having everything in its own bag, it makes it easier to separate your vape from everything else, and it’s also representative of your intent to keep it packed away during the trip.

You CAN NOT Pack a Vape Into a Checked Bag

This may come as a surprise, but you are not allowed to pack vapes into a checked bag! Don’t take our word for it though — the TSA spells it out clearly right here.

This will come as a surprise for many fliers. After all, almost anything is allowed in checked bags most of the time, even sensitive items such as guns and firearms. Many people see it strange that you can pack your vapes onto a carry on, but not in a checked bag. They’re not wrong — this isn’t typical protocol for most items, but it is what it is!

While the TSA website doesn’t give clear-cut reasons as to why vapes need to stay in your carry on, the most likely reason is the lithium vape batteries. Tragically, vapes in the past have ignited under unfavorable conditions, or even exploded. While we have taken every single measure to make Vesper One’s battery completely safe, many authorities still have concerns about the safety of vapes.

By keeping vapes outside of carry on bags, it exposes them to less extreme temperature changes and also allows TSA to personally handle them if necessary to ensure that they’re completely turned off.

You CAN NOT Vape on the Plane

While it’s perfectly legal and accepted to pack your vape with you, don’t be getting any big ideas — it should be kept tightly in your bag. Vaping on a plane is forbidden, mostly for the same reasons that smoking is. Planes are enclosed areas and many fellow passengers don’t share your vaping habit. It is therefore unfitting for people to vape, as it involuntarily exposes other people to your fumes in a way that they’re unable to avoid.

You CAN NOT Charge Your Vape on the Plane

Like we mentioned above, while it is fine to bring your vape with you, just avoid the temptation entirely of unpacking it during your flight, even if you just want to charge it. If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with a plane that provides charging outlets, save ‘em for your phone, laptop, or Nintendo Switch, because your vape should be completely shut off for the duration of the flight.

Charging the vape, even if it’s something you do on a daily basis, activates the battery, and for people who are skeptical of exploding vape batteries, that’s more than enough to make them nervous. Planes don’t really tend to take risks anymore, so even if you think the rule is ridiculous, it’s best to respect it.

You MAY OR MAY NOT Be Allowed to Vape in the Airport

This one has a more dubious verdict, because when it comes to actually vaping in an airport, it differs depending on your location. If you’re in San Francisco, Philadelphia, or Los Angeles, put that Vesper One away, because vaping is illegal on the premises. You might, however, have better luck at other airports.

For example, the Atlanta International Airport stipulates that you can vape, but only within designated tobacco areas.

If you’re unsure whether or not your airport allows for vaping, the best thing to do is to personally look it up. You may be able to find out on their website, but if not, you’re more than likely to get a reliable answer if you contact them via phone.

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