Stealth Vaping: The Do's and Dont's


When you’re first getting into vaping, you might not be putting a ton of thought into it. It mostly comes down to where you want to do it, with whom, and with what equipment. But the more you vape, you might be looking for new opportunities to blow some clouds wherever they arise, and sometimes, getting vaping time in might require some ninja skills on your part.

In fact, there is an art to low-key vaping, and in the vaping community, it’s generally known as stealth vaping. In a nutshell, stealth vaping is vaping in a way where it’s not easily noticeable to the people around you. If you’re getting excited by this prospect and you want to run off and practice your low-key vaping skills, hold your horses for a moment — there are certain do’s and dont’s when it comes to stealth vaping, and if you want to leave a good impression on the people around you, it helps to know them.

Vesper One is a luxury vape that’s meant for people who respect sophistication and savvy taste. Our mini box mod vape is for those people who like to show other people respect and expect the same in return. If this describes you, pay attention to these do’s and dont’s.

DON’T: Stealth Vape Where You Shouldn’t Be Vaping

This is the first and second rule of stealth vaping. Stealth vaping is basically the act of vaping in a non-conspicuous way that doesn’t draw attention to yourself. But make no mistake — the point of it is to reduce the noticeable impact you’re having on a social gathering, rather than getting away with vaping where you’re not supposed to.

If you’re in a place where vaping is forbidden, and you’ve mastered the art of stealthily pulling out your vape and getting some puffs in discretely, this doesn’t make you cool or clever — it kind of just means you’re a jerk. Smoking and vaping rules exist for a reason, and the respectful thing to do is to be mindful of them.

Despite the many benefits of vaping and its gradual emergence into the mainstream, many people still don’t have a good impression of vape culture as a whole. When you have people trying to break the rules undercover, it doesn’t really help to improve the public perception of vaping.

DO: Stealth Vape to Be Respectful of Non-Vapers

The most common reason for stealth vaping is to make less of an impact when you’re among non-vapers. Some people are put off by the presence of someone smoking or vaping, and if the people around you aren’t joining in, it’s not very tactful to be blowing out huge plumes of vapor and making a show out of it. Don't be an annoying vaper.

The first thing you should do is to ask if people are okay with you vaping at all. Like we mentioned above, you shouldn’t vape discretely as a means to break the rules. While it’s not like your friends or families will call the cops on you or fine you if you’re vaping around them, it’s still good etiquette to be mindful of their request. If they don’t want you vaping around them, it doesn’t mean they want you to vape in secret — it means they don’t want you vaping at all.

With that being said, a lot of non-vapers don’t actually have a problem with people vaping in their presence, and if this is the case, stealth vaping is a good option. You can vape in the company of others, but in a way that doesn’t draw attention to yourself or get vapor in people’s faces. Vesper One, being a sophisticated luxury vape, has a classy design which doesn’t draw negative attention to itself, so it’s a great choice if you want to be a little more discrete!

DON’T: Use Strong Flavors

Assuming you’ve gotten the go-ahead to vape, that doesn’t mean you’re clear to turn on your device and go to town. If you want to keep your impact minimal, consider using a vape juice flavor that’s innocuous — not easily noticeable by other people. Most of the flavor from any vaping experience comes from the initial inhale, but there is still some that remain in the vapor you breathe out. If you don’t want to get on people’s nerves, go with subtle flavors that aren’t very strong unless you’re right there inhaling most of the vapor.

It’s good practice to avoid using nicotine-based flavors when you’re stealth vaping as well. A lot of people see vaping as more permissible than smoking because it lacks the nicotine and the dangers of cigarette smoke. By using your vape as an e-cigarette, you may cause people to associate vaping with smoking. When they think your vapor is harmless, they’re a lot more likely to be tolerant of you vaping in their company, but using tobacco-based e-liquids isn’t always the best way to give that impression.

DO: Blow Small Clouds

Yes, we know how fun cloud chasing can be. We’ve written a blog all about it, and we’ll be the first ones to admit that Vesper One is a fantastic vape for producing giant clouds due to its high air flow. But, know that there’s always a time and place! And if you’re in a position where you’re stealth vaping, it’s not the place for large vapor clouds.

In a stealth vaping scenario, keep your clouds small and subtle. If you’re an experienced vaper, you should already know how to do this. Reduce your air flow settings if your vape gives you the option, and don’t be too aggressive with your inhaling and exhaling. It’s better to let your vapor out in smaller, controlled wisps instead of foggy clouds. The goal is to expose as few people as possible to your vaping, so save your big puffs for later.

DO: Stealth Vape With Vesper One

When you’re stealth vaping, the goal is to be as inconspicuous as possible, so it’s nice to have a vape that doesn’t draw lots of undue attention to itself. Vesper One, while not as small as a vape pen, is a mini box mod that’s not much bigger than a credit card, making a great candidate for low-key vaping.

Our luxury vape has fantastic build quality, one of the best batteries on the market, and it has a stylish, sleek aesthetic which will be appreciated by anyone who has an eye for sophisticated design. For stealth vaping, you’d be hard pressed to find a better choice. Are you ready to have your own Vesper One luxury vape? Order yours today!