How Vesper One Lets You Customize Your Vaping Experience

Is there ever a situation where having more options is a bad thing? At Vesper, we believe the answer is no — at least, when it comes to vaping. Vaping is an activity that can be experienced in many different ways. Some people do it to experience large clouds, while others love to experiment with different vape juice flavors. Some folks do it as a social activity, and others like to keep things low-key. But no matter what you want to do, it’s important that you have the option to choose.

At Vesper, we often refer to our Vesper One as a luxury vape. We stand by this statement — Vesper One’s build quality, aesthetics, and airflow are nothing to sneeze at. And what kind of luxury product doesn’t give the user a variety of options? Does a luxury car not allow people to adjust their seat? Does a luxury massage chair not offer countless adjustable settings? Likewise, our luxury vape, Vesper One, allows you to customize your experience. Here are some ways you can make your vaping experience your own when you use Vesper One:


While this is a superficial aspect that won’t affect the actual vaping process, looks matter to a lot of people, and the color and finish of a product is often the deciding factor for buyers. Where would Apple be if they didn’t go all-in with great design when they launched the original iPod?

With Vesper One, we have a similar commitment to the styling of our vape product. Vesper One is at once beautiful and sleek, and will feel right at home with people who have a taste for great design. Vesper One is eye-catching without being tacky or flashy, and it’s available in three different styles: Iridescent, Gunmetal, and Golden. No matter which style you choose, you’ll have a stylish device.


We designed Vesper One to accommodate our unique mouthpiece, which is more subtle in appearance and satisfying to use. Vesper Pods offer the finest in vape juices and flavors, and you’ll no doubt love using them.

But, with 510 being the default mouthpiece for the overwhelming majority of vapes, you probably can’t help but feel that you’ll be missing out on a lot of your favorite flavors when you switch to Vesper One. But the opposite couldn’t be more true — with the Vesper One 510 Adapter, you’ll have a handy 510 cartridge on-hand, allowing you to experience all those familiar flavors that you know and love.

Furthermore, if you have your own custom flavors you want to experience, we also sell Empty Vesper Pods so that you can use your own flavors without a 510 cartridge. But no matter what pod or mouthpiece you’re using, you can be sure that you’ll have a quality vaping experience.


It’s important to remember that vaping is essentially the process of heating liquid to such a degree that it converts into vapor, allowing you to inhale it. As such, the temperature must always be a consideration, especially since different vape juices react to temperatures in different ways.

Given that we’ve provided so many ways to vape a variety of flavors with Vesper One, we knew it was important to allow our users to adjust temperature settings. It’s easy and intuitive to do so: simply double-tap the diamond button, and it will light up with a certain color. Green, yellow, and red represent low, medium, and high temperatures respectively. We recommend a low temperature for the majority of liquids, but sometimes you might find yourself needing a higher setting. Please refer to the usage guidelines of vape pods and juices when you’re choosing your temperature setting.

Consumption Settings

By pressing and holding the top button on Vesper One, you can activate and inhale. This allows you to vape at your own pace. Meanwhile, pressing the button three times turns on the auto-inhale function. Just inhale and enjoy! While this might seem like a minor thing to a lot of people, we stand by our decision to provide as many options as possible for maximum user enjoyment.

Vesper One Luxury Vape

If you’re already the proud owner of Vesper One luxury vape, we encourage you to play with your device to create the most custom experience possible! We want everyone to enjoy Vesper One in their own way. Meanwhile, if you’ve been looking for a luxury vape with unparalleled battery power and sleek design, look no further than Vesper. Ready to order your own Vesper One? Browse our shop to get started, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!