How to Not Be An Annoying Vaper

With any hobby, pastime, or profession, you’re going to find bad apples who reflect poorly on outsiders. You may know the sports fanatic who is overly toxic and aggressive towards fans of the other team, or the movie snob who condescendingly looks down on people whose tastes aren’t as “refined” as theirs. The list goes on and on, and unfortunately, the world of vaping isn’t an exception to this rule.

There are plenty of people who give vaping a bad name, and you don’t want to be one of them. At Vesper, we believe that vaping isn’t just a niche pastime — we believe that everyone can have something to gain from vaping, and that it’s also something which can be done with sophistication and style.

Are you tired of people looking down on vaping? Here are some vaping etiquette tips to consider so that you won’t contribute to the problem.

Don’t Vape Around Non-Vapers (Unless they’re okay with it)

One of the easiest ways to get on the nerves of non-vapers is to aggressively vape around them with no consideration of their feelings. From a social standpoint, it’s helpful to look at vaping the same way you’d look at smoking. While the two are different in many ways, most of the unwritten social “rules” for smoking apply to vaping as well.

It’s bad smoking etiquette to smoke in close proximity to non-smokers, or to put them in a situation where it’s hard for them to avoid your fumes. These rules apply with vaping. Even though vapor clouds don’t contain the harmful chemicals of smoke, it’s still not something that people want forced upon them. So if you’re in public, or in close proximity with a group of non-vapers, don’t just pull out your vape and go to town — it’ll likely be seen as rude or inconsiderate.

The exception, of course, is if the people around you are okay with it. That’s why it’s good etiquette to politely ask people if they’re okay with you pulling out your vape. Do this in a way to where they don’t feel pressured to say yes. If you ask this tactfully, you’ll find that many people are okay with it, and for those who aren’t, it’s best to respect their wishes.

Don’t Blow Vapor in People’s Faces

Blowing smoke in people’s faces is a vaping no-no for most of the reasons we already listed in the point above — people don’t like unsolicited clouds blown in their face. Smoke is the worst, but unwanted vaping clouds are just a step below.

Think of it this way — would you want anybody blowing anything into your face without asking? Even if it’s nothing but air (and maybe a little bit of bad breath) it’s just a nuisance and a really quick way for people to assume that you lack social awareness.

We shouldn’t need to tell you why you shouldn’t do this to non-vapers, but avoid blowing into the faces of your vaping buddies as well. Be respectful and know your boundaries!

Stop Talking About Vaping All the Time

Alright, here’s the thing — it’s pretty cool to meet someone who’s really passionate about something. It’s respectable to have a lot of knowledge and authority on a specific subject, and to a certain degree, people will like hearing about it.

But, for lack of better words, and at the risk of sounding rude, somebody’s passion can quickly become a major annoyance if they can’t seem to shut up about it!

Yes, it’s cool to have a specific diet that works really well for you, but no, we don’t want to hear you talk about it all day, every day. Yes, it’s interesting that you know the detailed backstory of every Marvel character in the comic book universe, but sometimes we want to talk about other things. And yes, it’s cool that you vape, but you can bet that people will start to resent it if you can’t seem to avoid bringing it up.

Please try to be socially aware. If people are genuinely interested in learning more about vaping, you should, by all means, have a nice discussion about it. But if it’s not their cup of tea, you’ll just annoy them.

This is also where “vaping snobs” come in — some people are so opinionated about the positive aspects of vaping that they treat it like a missionary effort, unable to stop until they’ve “converted” everyone they know to their beliefs. Spoiler alert: you won’t, so know when to talk about vaping, and when table it for another day.

Don’t Be a Vaping Elitist

When we use the term “elitist,” we’re basically referring to someone who thinks of themselves as being better than other people because their taste and experience is more refined. This is someone who doesn’t hesitate to provide commentary when they see someone engaging in habits that are “below them.” This is someone who prefers to chastise someone if they’re ignorant instead of tactfully and respectfully educating them.

Take Vesper One, for example. When we call our vape a “luxury vape,” we mean it. We’ve put the utmost care into creating a vape that’s unparalleled in battery life, durability, air quality, and overall design. If you use Vesper One, you’re probably looking for a high-end vaping experience — but that doesn’t mean that people are wrong if they have different preferences.

Do you have a buddy who’s new into vaping and they’re in love with their eight dollar vaping pen? Don’t call them out for being cheap or brag about your vape. Don’t show off or criticize them. But, if you want to start a productive discussion on what they could gain by using a higher-quality vape, it could turn into a good conversation and learning experience if you do it tactfully.

No one likes an elitist, so play it cool! It’s a win-win for everyone when you do.

Be Respectful of Vaping Gear

There are two aspects of this particular point. The first one is being respectful with your own vaping gear. Much like smoking cigarettes, it’s highly inconsiderate to leave your trash lying around. Just because a lot of people throw their cigarette butts on the ground doesn’t make it okay. While vaping doesn’t leave as much waste lying around as smoking does, you’re still often dealing with empty cartridges, e-liquid bottles, and so on. Please be respectful and dispose of these things properly.

The other side to being respectful of vaping gear is when we’re talking about other people’s stuff. Do you have friends who vape? Don’t just pick up their stuff and start inhaling if they haven’t given you the okay, and don’t try their vape cartridges without express permission.

Stay Classy With Vesper One Luxury Vape

We’d be lying if we said there wasn’t somewhat of a stigma around vaping. This is a pastime that is still in its relative infancy, and the world at large still has a lot to learn about it. That’s why it’s great to have good vaping etiquette and evoke an image of sophistication. For people looking in from the outside, it helps them to see vaping in a more favorable light.

If you want to be the image of class and style, Vesper One is the vape for you. Our mini box mod device has one of the most powerful vape batteries on the market, capable of lasting up to two months on a single charge! It’s also designed to have a beautiful aesthetic that will turn heads everywhere you go. Are you ready to have your own Vesper One device? Order yours today!