How to Meet Fellow Vapers

Vaping, with every passing year, is becoming increasingly more popular in the mainstream. From people who use vaping as a means to leave their smoking habits, to those who like to vape CBD for its soothing and stress-relieving effects, there’s something for everyone in the world of vaping.

Whatever your reason for vaping is, there’s no denying that it’s an activity where “the more, the merrier” rings true. Social vaping can be a fun and therapeutic activity — a great way to find a reason together with good friends and strengthen your bonds, while you enjoy the effects of your vape juice.

Unfortunately, many people who have entered into the world of vaping have done so alone. Have you been wanting to meet people in the vaping community? Are you tired of solo vaping sessions in a lonely corner of your home? It’s time to meet some people who share your interest. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that you can dive deeper into the vaping community to find people who share a common interest.

Join Online Communities

While your goal is ultimately to meet people that you can vape with in the real world, it won’t hurt hopping online and getting yourself involved in online communities. There are several well-known websites, and you’ll benefit from regular visits for a few different reasons.

First, even if you’re not meeting with anyone, vaping community sites are a great way to learn new information, receive valuable tips, and learn about the best products, both in terms of vaping equipment and e-juices. Secondly, routine visits to online vape sites will help you to understand vaping culture, making it easier to bond with passionate vapers. Third, online vaping communities often present opportunities to coordinate local meets, so it could actually be a way for you to meet friends nearby in the long run.

Standalone Vaping Community Sites

There are several sites devoted entirely to vaping, with their own news, resources, and message boards. Some examples are E-Cigarette Forum, Planet of the Vapes, and Vaping Underground.

Each of these have their own quirks. E-Cigarette Forum is just that — a large collection of discussion forums about everything related to vaping (despite its name, the site covers all aspects of vaping, not just e-cigs). Vaping Underground is similar, but offers an even wider selection of discussion boards.

Planet of the Vapes is a bit more comprehensive, with industry news, reviews, guides, and forums. This one is primarily UK-based, but that doesn’t make it any less useful!


If you’re already a Redditor — you know the drill. There are countless vaping subreddits, and you might already be pulling up a new tab to look them up. But for the uninitiated, Reddit can be an intimidating beast. But make no mistake — it can be one of the best hubs for vaping news and community interaction.

Reddit is a site that’s broken into “subreddits,” which are independent communities created by users. Each subreddit is essentially a discussion board — people can create their own topics of discussion, or post links to images, news articles, videos, and more. Because of this, Reddit is kind of a “catch-all” resource for almost every industry and hobby, and the hottest news often pops up on Reddit before it catches on everywhere else. Very useful!

The important thing you need to know about Reddit is that you need to play by their rules and respect the culture. Each subreddit has its own community rules, and if you just dive in without respecting the established “reddiquette,” you’re in for a rude awakening. Here are some great vaping subreddits

Local Meets and Communities

The above resources are extremely useful for meeting like-minded people and learning more about vaping. But for the most part, the people you meet online won’t be vaping with you in-person, unless you use the sites to set up local meetups. So, in addition to getting online, it’s aalso a good idea to research local vaping events.

We sell to people all over the country at Vesper, so we can’t tell you exactly what events are near your specific location, but we can list some ways for you to find out yourself. Here are some ways to learn more about your local vape scene:

  • Get the Scoop From Vape Shops: Even if your town is relatively small, you’re likely to have at least one vape shop. But if you live in a populated area, they’re probably all over the place. In any case, this is a great starting point for meeting fellow vapers. Vape shops often function as a hub for local meets, or at the very least act as a “bulletin board” where people around the city can advertise their vaping events. Additionally, it’s overwhelmingly likely that any given patron or store clerk is also into vaping, so you could make a new friend just by striking up some friendly conversation.
  • Search Online For Local Vaping Events: This is one you can do right now! While vaping shops are great, you might just learn something by hopping on Google. Try searching “[Your city here] vape meetups” or any other variation of keywords. You could try “vape meets,” “vaping community,” “vaping events,” and so on. In any case, the search engine will geotarget your results and you may just find something valuable.

Ask People You Know

Finally, while online communities and local meetups are awesome, don’t disregard the idea that you might just have some vapers in your backyard. While some people are very open about their vaping habits, there are others who keep it really low-key. If you just make it a topic of conversation, you might find that you already have friends who are into it as much as you are.

The next time you’re around friends and family who you think might be into vaping, try bringing it up as a topic of conversation. Keep in mind you don’t want to aggressively talk about vaping. One stereotype about vapers is that they always go out of their way to talk about vaping, so be tactful. If your friends or loved ones aren’t showing clear interest, they probably don’t vape, and they likely don’t care.

You can also use tools such as Facebook to just ask people directly. Consider posting a status stating that you’re looking for buddies to vape with. Whether it’s a close friend or an acquaintance you haven’t spoken to since high school, you may just be surprised by the responses!

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