Great Costume Ideas for Vapers: Part 1

It’s time to talk about vaping costumes. While this is a blog post that would probably be better suited for the Halloween season, the fact remains that we are becoming a society that loves to dress up. While making costumes (for pretty much anything besides Halloween) was once seen as nerdy and faux pas, it’s something that is now exploding in popularity, with many adults dressing up for all kinds of events, such as superhero movie premieres, conventions, parties, and renaissance fairs.

This summer will be a big moment for cosplayers. With Avengers: Endgame freshly released, Game of Thrones in its final season, and various conventions and fairs happening in the coming months, it’s a great time to start preparing a costume. And hey, maybe it’ll take six months to make the perfect costume for Halloween. You never know!

In any case, vaping can actually provide some unique opportunities with costumes, due to your ability to conjure up a cloud at any moment. Let’s look at some fun costumes you can make which can be accentuated by the vapor clouds you produce from your Vesper One luxury vape!

In part one of this blog series, we’ll look at specific characters that could make for great vape costumes. In part two, we’ll be looking at more generic costumes which could be well-suited for anyone.

A Dragon

We mentioned Game of Thrones above. Let’s go back to it. At the time of this blog’s publishing, we have roughly a month and a half of the show ahead of us. It’s in its final season, and it has produced a cultural zeitgeist that’s been unrivaled by just about any TV show. For many people, their entire workplace will be buzzing about each new episode, betting pools are everywhere, and you can bet there are countless watch parties all over the country where people are dressing up as their favorite characters. So why not put your vaping expertise to use and dress up as a dragon?!

Obviously, designing a cool dragon costume is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be complex. You could go the funny route by buying a cheap dragon costume from Amazon, or you could go full cosplayer and make a suit that rivals the show’s special effects. Do what you want! But no matter you do, just keep one important fact in mind — dragons can breathe fire!

Naturally, having your Vesper One vape on hand is perfect for this. While you can’t exactly conjure up a blast of flame (nor should you try), you can produce vapor clouds which resemble the smoke that billows out of a dragon’s mouth or nostrils after a fresh scorching.

Gandalf the Gray

There are plenty of reasons to dress up as Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. First of all, he’s just a cool dude. But he’s also highly recognizable, making him a safe choice for pop culture conventions. If renaissance fairs are your thing, he’ll also feel right at home, since every medieval gathering needs a good wizard.

While LOTR’s popularity hit its peak a decade or two ago, it may just see a huge resurgence in the mainstream since Amazon is producing a new Lord of the Rings show with the biggest budget in television history. In other words, a Gandalf costume is safe-proofed for the future, so why not make one now?

But let’s look at why a Gandalf costume is good for vapers. One scene from The Fellowship of the Ring says it all, where Gandalf blows out clouds that would make even the most skilled vapers proud. If you pack a little tobacco pipe prop, you can mimic Gandalf’s glorious vapor clouds with your Vesper One without having to actually smoke tobacco or pipe weed.

It’s important to note that vaping with a costume isn’t always appropriate — if you’re indoors at a convention, for example, there will more than likely be prohibitive rules, but if you’re vigilant, you’ll still be able to find opportunities to make vape clouds which would make Gandalf proud

A Superhero

Okay, hear us out. It’s true that superheroes aren’t usually seen vaping or smoking — being mindful of the children and all that. So dressing up as your favorite Marvel icon and showing off your luxury vape might not be very in character.

However, there’s one aspect of cosplay that actually makes superheroes a great choice for vapors — photo ops.

For a lot of people, the fun of dressing up isn’t wearing the costume, it’s taking sweet photos, which are often meticulously arranged and shot professionally. But even if you’re not doing a sophisticated photo shoot, it’s still fun to take pictures with people who love your costume and other people who have similarly awesome costumes. Vaping can make a photo look awesome because you have the ability to create a vapor cloud on command, which can accentuate whatever details you want. Here are some examples:

  • A Damaged Iron Man Costume: Iron Man gets busted up in just about every movie he’s in. Consider making a “damaged” suit with components that could very well be leaking smoke at any given moment. In a photo-op, you could ostensibly conjure up a wisp of vapor and quickly position yourself so it looks like your armor is smoking. It may take a couple of tries but it could produce a cool looking result!
  • Wolverine, In General: We mentioned that superheroes don’t really smoke, but that’s not always true. X-Men bad boy Wolverine sure loves his cigars. If you’ve made a sweet Wolverine costume, you can replicate his smoking in a picture without having to actually resort to a harmful cigar. Just puff out a cloud of smoke from your Vesper One, and then whip out a cigar prop for the photo. Boom, no harm done to anyone, but you’ve still captured his character!
  • Anyone With Fire Powers: Whether it’s Jean Gray or the Human Torch, there are several superheroes who wield the power of fire. In a photo-op, create a vapor cloud and then snap the photo as if you’re conjuring it with your hands. Since Vesper One provides up to 1200 puffs per single charge, you’ll have plenty of room to try it over and over until you get it just right.

Create Impressive Clouds With Vesper One Luxury Vape

So there you have it. Got any plans to make a cool costume this year? If you’ve equipped yourself with Vesper One luxury vape, you’ve already got one of the most powerful vapes on the market for good vapor clouds. Vesper’s high airflow is great for people who love creating large puffs, so if you want to add some cool flair to your costumes, you’ll feel right at home by getting this vape.

Another boon that the Vesper One provides for cosplayers is its extremely powerful vape battery, which can last weeks or months on a single charge, and provide up to 1200 puffs. This means that you’ll be able to attempt photos as many times as you’d like without having to worry about your vape dying, perfect for a day in costume.

If you don’t yet have one, what are you waiting for? We invite you to take a look at Vesper One on our online store. This is a vape that you won’t regret purchasing. Order yours today, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!