Don't Believe These 5 Vaping Myths

At Vesper, we have one singular goal — making the best vape pen you can find on the market. However, this could mean a lot of different things depending on who you are. If you’re an experienced user who has tried all manner of vape products, the prospect of our Vesper product may be extremely exciting to you, such as the incredible lifespan on the vape battery, lasting up to three months.

But if you’re new to vaping, it can be a confusing and difficult process finding out which is the best product for you. Even worse, your view can be affected by various prevalent myths that exist about vaping.

There are plenty of falsehoods that are frequently circulated about vaping, and we want to make sure you have the facts if you’re considering picking up one of our incredible Vesper vaporizers. Here are some common vaping myths you should be aware of:

MYTH: Vaping is Illegal

The truth is, it’s not really productive to make a blanket statement on whether or not vaping is legal or illegal. The reality is much more complicated, with each state and municipality having their own laws on the subject.

First of all, let’s get something important out of the way — the laws of vaping depend very much on what you’re putting in your vaporizer. There are plenty of innocuous substances that can be vaped. Did you know, for example, that ketchup can be vaped? We’re not saying you should, but it’s possible. The possession of a vape pen and the act of vaping itself is entirely legal if the substance is harmless and produces no high.


Paul Pierce, former NBA star and CEO of Vesper, created the Vesper Vaporizer with the intent of vaping hemp-based CBD oils, which can have a variety of positive effects without producing a high. CBD oils derived from hemp are legal in all 50 states.

Things get a little more iffy depending on what you’re vaping. E-cigarettes are often classified as vaping products, and each state has its own laws governing how those are to be used.

MYTH: The Quality of the Vape Doesn’t Matter

This myth is easy enough to disprove through simple experience. We encourage you to try one of our Vesper Vapes, and then use the same cartridge on a cheap vape pen you find online for $8. We assure you that the experience will be vastly different!

There are a variety of different vaporizers, and they all accomplish different goals. Some are dirt-cheap, skinny, and portable, ideal for people who want a discrete vape that’s good for being on-the-go, while their more sophisticated vaporizer stays at home. Other vaporizers are made for luxury use, sporting a variety of different useful features that give you a good degree of control over your vaping experience.

Take the Vesper Vape, for example. Our luxury vape pen has three heat settings, which is useful since different cartridges provide different results based on temperature. You can vape automatically, or press to inhale on our model, and it’s also effortless to turn your vape on and off. The best part? Our vape has an 1100 mAh battery that allows 1000-1200 puffs per charge! That allows you to vape five times more clouds than the industry standard. Compare this to a cheap vape pen that needs to be charged twice a day, and you’ll quickly realize how big of a role the vaporizer has in the quality of the overall experience.

MYTH: Vaping is Addictive

As with the issue of legality above, it’s unfair to say a blanket statement about vaping such as the idea that it is addictive — because this, again, depends greatly on what is being vaped.

Unfortunately, when people go out and say that vaping is dangerous, addictive, and only second to smoking, it does vaping a huge disservice, mainly because there are so many substances you can vape which don’t have those properties.

But who better to ask than Paul Pierce, CEO of Vesper? Paul Pierce spent nineteen years in the NBA as a Top 50 player of all time, and is all-too-familiar with the reality of chronic pain and anxiety that many athletes continually experience. Paul is a strong advocate for the use of hemp-based CBD oils to treat these conditions, which is far safer and easier than pain pills and prescription medication, which can help in the short-term but have dangerous side effects with continual use.

MYTH: 510 Vape Pens Are Best

If you’re an experienced vaper, you’re no doubt familiar with the overwhelming amount of different types of vape pens. Many vaporizers have their own proprietary connections, limiting you to cartridges that are made for their specific model. Despite this, there are certain types of vape cartridges that are more ubiquitous than others, and none are more common than the 510.

There are some who would recommend that you invest in a vaporizer that takes 510 cartridges because it greatly opens up the variety of oils and substances you can vape — and they’re also easier to find. This sentiment isn’t wrong, but it is limiting — if your vape pen doesn’t have any kind of conversion pieces, you could be missing out.

The Vesper has its own proprietary connection, but fear not — there is a 510 converter piece which will allow you to use our vaporizer with any 510 cartridge on the market. Additionally, you’ll have access to the incredible luxury CBD oils which will be created specifically to be used for the Vesper using its own connection.

MYTH: Vaporizers Don’t Hold a Good Charge

Okay, we confess, it’s a bit misleading putting this myth in this blog post, because it is actually true — most of the time. But if you’re using the Vesper vaporizer, it’s patently false.

In general, the battery life for most vaporizers isn’t much longer than your typical smartphone. In a best-case scenario, you’re probably charging it a few times a week. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll be charging it multiple times a day.


Battery life is important for a vape, and it’s one of the aspects we’re most proud of in the Vesper. Take a wild guess of how long this battery lasts — if you guessed a few days to a whole week, you’re way off — the Vesper can last a whopping three months without needing to be charged. If you’re a heavy user, it may be closer to one month, but that’s still tremendously better than just about everything else on the market.

That’s because the Vesper is both a vape pen and a vape battery — it comes equipped with a hefty 1100 mAh battery which is unprecedented in the vaping industry. This is one reason why we tout the Vesper as being a luxury vape pen — this is a product for those who want the most sophisticated and highest-quality experience available. Long battery life might be nothing more than a myth with other vape products, but with the Vesper, it’s nothing but the truth.

The Truth is Vesper

We often say “the truth is Vesper,” because our product is the real deal. It truly is the end-all vape, and we’re just getting started. Whether you’re an experienced vaper of many years or a newcomer, the Vesper is the best vaporizer on the market, and has already been covered by major news publications as of its launch in October 2018. What are you waiting for? Forget about the myths you’ve heard about vaping, and order yours today.