Cloud Chasing - What You Need to Know

There’s a scene in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring where Gandalf the wizard and Bilbo Baggins are smoking pipes together. Relaxing under the stars, Bilbo puffs out a respectable smoke ring, only to be impressively followed up by Gandalf, who lets out a puff of smoke that shapes itself into a pirate ship and floats away into the sky. If you’ve seen this movie and your eyes lit up with awe during that scene, it’s probably a telltale sign that you were destined to become a cloud chaser.

Cloud chasing, for the uninitiated, is the act of pursuing the biggest and most impressive vapor clouds possible. While we’re not as cool as Gandalf and can’t blow vapor pirate ships out of our mouths, there is still a lot of fun to be had with cloud chasing. In this blog post, we’ll look at some fun facts about cloud chasing, and what you can do to get the biggest and most impressive plumes you’ve ever seen.

What You Need to Know About Cloud Chasing

It’s Becoming Increasingly Popular in Vape Culture

The idea of chasing big clouds isn’t exactly new — after all, Gandalf and Bilbo were clearly doing it long before vapes existed. But in all seriousness, many smokers have expressed interest in cloud chasing, but vaping is what has turned this hobby into something that’s truly viable. More than ever before, we’re able to chase bigger and better clouds, and many people have devoted countless hours of time into exploring the possibilities!

The biggest reason that cloud chasing is more popular than ever is because vapor is much less hazardous than smoke, which is laden with harmful chemicals. While many smokers have attempted to produce impressive puffs, it’s much more of a nuisance to surrounding people.

There’s also the fact that smoke doesn’t coalesce quite as elegantly as vapor does — smoke tends to rise in wispy strands, whereas vapor likes to hold itself together a little more, forming more dense clouds.

Finally, the mechanics of vaping simply allow for more possibilities than you’d get with smoking. When you’re smoking something, you’re relying on flames to burn a certain substance or chemical. Vapes, on the other hand, are electronically powered to heat liquids (often referred to as vape juices or e-liquids), which change into vapor when they reach a hot enough temperature.

Because of this, you have a lot more options with vapes. Certain liquids may vaporize at different temperatures, and can produce different clouds depending on the chemicals that they’re made up of. Due to the sheer variety of different vapes, power settings, and e-liquids, vaping has allowed for much more flexibility for cloud chasing — and that’s why it’s becoming increasingly popular in vape culture!


Cloud Chasing Is Becoming a “Sport”

The reason we put “sport” in quotation marks is because cloud chasing isn’t exactly going to be in the Olympics anytime soon, and there’s no official group or organization that has spearheaded efforts to legitimize it as a nationally-known form of competiton.

But make no mistake — cloud-chasing is becoming ever more competitive, and there are many competitions that happen all over the country to see who can produce the biggest and thickest clouds! Some of these competitions are local in nature and may just be for fun, while others have actually rewarded substantial cash prizes.

That’s right — there’s an art to cloud chasing, and you can bet there are countless people who are investing their time into exploring every conceivable way that you can make bigger vapor clouds. Competitive vaping is only going to get bigger, which is one of many great reasons to invest in Vesper One, our luxury vape that can produce impressive vapor clouds.

How to Produce Large Vapor Clouds

Get the Right Vape

The first thing that you need to know is that your vape is extremely important if you’re trying to chase clouds. Like we mentioned above, power settings, temperature, and more are all contributing factors to how big a cloud can get, so if you’re using a cheap, subpar vape pen, you can bet that you’re not going to get a great result. Getting a cheap $8 vape pen for cloud chasing is like putting on flip flops or high heels for a long-distance running competition. Sure, you can do it, but don’t expect to do it well.

If you’re interested in cloud chasing, here are some things to look for in a vape:

  • A Good Battery: Many cloud chasers push their vapes to their limits, and to get the best clouds, you need good power. This means that you not only want a quality battery with a high mAh rating, you also want a stable battery from a reputable company. Poorly built batteries and misuse can be a safety hazard, so getting a good vape battery is something you shouldn’t skimp out on. Vesper One is a perfect candidate! Our luxury vape has one of the best batteries on the market, with an 1100 mAh rating and a charge that can last up to two months.
  • High Airflow: Any given vape is going to have its own airflow settings. Some vapes have a set airflow that can’t be changed, while others have adjustable airflow toggles which allow you to control your experience. Generally, lower airflow leads to a more potent vaping experience, while a higher airflow allows for much bigger clouds. For obvious reasons, you’ll want the latter if you’re interested in cloud chasing. Vesper One has high airflow settings, so if you want to puff some mighty clouds, you can’t go wrong with our mini box mod vape.
  • Get the Right Vape Juice: Make no mistake — the e-liquids you’re vaping have a big impact on your vapor clouds. Many vape juices have propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) in them, but if you want the best clouds, try to find a vape juice that’s a blend between the two, with VG being the majority. A balance of PG against the VG helps to make the vaping experience smoother, with better flavor while being easier on your throat. But if those factors aren’t as important to you, you can go nuts with a 100% VG blend, which will make the biggest clouds of all!

Master Your Technique

Aside from having a big cloud vape pen or mod, technique is the other half of quality cloud chasing. While this isn’t a competitive activity that demands a lot from your body like most traditional sports do, you’d be surprised at how much your inhaling/exhaling technique has an impact on your vapor clouds.

Did you know that a lot of people train for months before they even begin to master the art of big puffs? Did you know that seemingly innocuous factors like body posture play into your breathing? There are lots of things to consider, and as you experiment, you’ll love seeing your clouds get bigger and puffier!

In general, a fast draw with a long, slow, controlled exhale is a good place to start. When you exhale too quickly, the smoke can come out looking more like a plume than a puff, and it also has the potential to dissipate more quickly.

Vesper One Luxury Vape

While our luxury vape, Vesper One, isn’t designed explicitly for cloud chasing, we’d be lying if we said that we don’t like chasing huge puffs, and that’s one reason why Vesper One is friendly to cloud chasers — between the amazing build quality, powerful battery, and high airflow, it’s great for anyone looking to get into this pastime. Ready to become a master cloud chaser? Order yours today!