7 Celebrities Who Vape

While the first rudimentary vape techinically existed as far back as 1963, the first modern e-cigarettes didn’t surface until the mid-2000s, and even then, it took a while for them to catch on in the mainstream. As far as cultural norms go, vaping is still in its infancy, but we live in an exciting time where it’s becoming ever more popular.

Vaping, being new to the public consciousness, is frequently misunderstood, surrounded by myths and inaccuracies, and frequently seen as something taboo. That’s why, for many people, it can be reassuring to see some of their favorite celebrities embrace vaping as a recreational activity.

When famous people engage in certain activities, it can be a powerful way to see them become more normalized. Celebrities, in many ways, are role models to everyday people, so it can be exciting for vapers to see their favorite actors and leaders with vape pens or mini box mods in their hands.

Want to know which famous people love vaping as much as you do? Keep reading — some of them might just surprise you!

Simon Cowell

While you have to be paying close attention to find celebrity vapers, it’s not nearly as challenging an endeavor to find celebrity smokers. The good news? Many celebrities have turned to vaping as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. While research is still being done to conclusively determine the benefits of e-cigarettes compared to traditional ones, one immediate and obvious advantage is that you’re not breathing in smoke, which is full of harmful chemicals.

That brings us to Simon Cowell, who has taken up vaping, perhaps as a way to get away from cigarettes. Cowell, a known smoker, has even acknowledged his vaping habit publicly. He once talked about his vaporizer, commenting on how vaping “tastes nice and sweet.”
It’s hard to blame someone like Simon for seeking the relaxing effects that vaping can provide — we’d be pretty tightly strung too if we had to deal with so many angry talent show contestants!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Is it possible to not like Leonardo DiCaprio? Leo, over the course of multiple decades, has seemed to capture the hearts of the collective American people, being nominated for six Oscars and finally winning one in 2016 for his performance in The Revenant. Leo’s roles are numerous and memorable, and it only became easier to love him when we learned he was also a fellow vaper!

Of course, this wasn’t peachy news to everyone. DiCaprio doesn’t seem too keen on hiding the fact that he vapes — on the contrary, he used his vape pen without shame at the 2016 SAG Awards. Many audiences were shocked when he won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor, only to be seen vaping when the camera cut to him.

For some, it was appalling, and for others, it was met with a nod of silent agreement. Regardless, this led to the Academy forbidding DiCaprio to bring his vape to the Oscars. But even if he’s not publicly vaping at shows anymore, there is no doubt that he’s a fan!

Samuel L. Jackson

If you want an example of someone who’s sensitive about the public opinion surrounding them, you’d better keep looking, because Samuel L. Jackson is not that person. Jackson has famously done what he wants, when he wants it, without much regard to what people think.

This is evident in his choice of movie roles — the Academy Award winner has proven himself to be an adept, talented actor, and yet he often takes ridiculous and absurd roles just for the fun of it, the most famous example probably being Snakes on a Plane.

Well, as it turns out, this “bad mother****er” couldn’t care less if people see him vaping. He once did so publicly on The Tonight Show, and has been seen in various photos with e-cigs and pipe-style vapes. If a vaping session with Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t sound like a fun time to you, we don’t know what would.

Jack Nicholson

Sometimes older folks get unfairly judged for being overly traditional and not warming up to the times. As much as we hate to say it, Jack Nicholson is, in fact, quite old at the age of 81, but he’s an example of someone who’s unafraid to embrace change — as seen by his love of e-cigarettes!

Nicholson, famous for too many roles to count, was once seen vaping at the Staples Centre in LA, another example of a celebrity who is not only unafraid to vape in public, but who has taken to e-cigarettes, potentially as a replacement to their smoking habit. We don’t know whether or not Nicholson has completely abandoned traditional cigarettes, but we do know one thing — we’d gladly pull out our Vesper One and vape with him


Some people may gawk at a YouTuber being counted among A-List celebrities such as Nicholson and DiCaprio, but times are a-changin’, and even though he’s not a movie star, he is the most popular YouTuber, with over 85 million followers.

To be fair to PewDiePie, he hasn’t made a habit of vaping on his YouTube channel. Whether this is for personal reasons, or the fact that many of his subscribers are likely underage gamers, we’re not sure, but one thing is for sure — that there was a Coolfire IV box mod vape in the background of one of his videos. Busted!

Not that it’s a bad thing — we wouldn’t be making luxury vapes like Vesper One if it was. It’s simply a reminder that vaping is becoming more and more of a norm — all kinds of famous people do it, from renowned celebrities to prolific internet stars like PewDiePie.

Katy Perry

While Katy Perry hasn’t publicly broadcasted her vaping habit by writing a song called “I Tried a Vape and I Liked It,” she has nonetheless been seen sporting her own vape, the most notable example being a photo taken at her labor day party in 2011.

Katy Perry may be a little more low-key with her vaping habits, ostensibly doing it mostly at home or with friends, but that’s not a bad thing, given how many younger girls and teenagers idolize her. As much as we love to vape, we’d like it to be adults only, please!

Paul Pierce

The last celebrity on our list is none other than Vesper’s co-founder himself, Paul Pierce! That’s right, the famous NBA star and championship winner is one of the two leading minds that pioneered the creation of Vesper One luxury vapes, and Paul hasn’t been shy expressing his fondness for vaping. He’s taken to Twitter on multiple occasions to express how vaping has helped him with pain and stress, and of course, he co-founded Vesper with the mission of providing amazing luxury vapes to everyone who wants them.

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