6 Ways to Reduce Chronic Pain Without Medication

For many people vaping is a way of life. There are all kinds of reasons why people do it — some turn to vapes and e-cigs as a means to transition from a smoking addiction, while others find it to be an enjoyable, stress-relieving activity. Some do it because they love creating huge vapor clouds, and others still see it as a social activity, a way to bond with friends. But, for countless people, pain relief is one of the most compelling reasons to vape.

Hemp-based CBD is one of the many things that can be vaped with Vesper One, and it has been known to reduce pain to a lot of people. This is one of the primary reasons why former NBA superstar Paul Pierce founded Vesper in the first place — he found that vaping was a healthy, safe way to deal with chronic pain from years of intense athletic activity. Wanting to share that relief with as many people as possible, he designed Vesper One, our sophisticated luxury vape.

Pain management was one of the driving philosophies behind Vesper One, and it’s a subject that deserves some conversation because there are far too many people who live in pain every day. Are you looking for ways to relieve chronic pain without relying on prescription painkillers? Here are some things you can do in your day-to-day life.

Seek to Lower Your Stress Levels

Did you know that the levels of stress you experience can be directly correlated with the intensity of your pain? When we get stressed, it’s not just us “feeling bad.” There are actual chemicals released in the body which affect us on a microbiological level. Cortisol is the big one, known as the “stress hormone.” When you have too much cortisol, it can actually make existing pains feel worse, and cause pain of its own, such as headaches.

So, what’s the solution? It’s easy — just get rid of your stress!

Okay, so maybe it’s not that easy. On paper, it’s easy to say “just get rid of your stress and you’ll be happy!” Yeah, that much is obvious, but if it were so simple, we’d all be doing it. Nonetheless, it is easier to lower your stress levels when you’re actively thinking about it, and making earnest attempts to evaluate your stressors.

Listing ways to reduce stress could be an entire blog post of its own. But the best way to start is to identify the aspects of your life that our causing it. By taking baby steps and systematically working on each stressor, you can make good progress toward lasting relief.

Exercise Regularly

It may sound like “chronic pain and regular exercise” is an oxymoron — after all, a lot of bodily pains are caused by highly athletic lifestyles. It seems contradictory to push your body harder when it already hurts, but it doesn’t have to be.

First, let’s identify the benefits of exercise — exercise releases natural endorphins which improve mood, reduce pain signals, and make your muscles stronger. Because of the chemicals that are released with physical activity, it tends to make us feel better.

The tricky part, then, is finding the appropriate means of exercise for your condition. If you’ve got pretty bad problems in your knee and ankle joints, for example, jogging and running is probably off the table. But there are plenty of low-impact alternatives. Swimming is a great example; it relieves your body of the pressure that gravity puts on it, but it still presents an opportunity for intense cardio exercise.

As long as you’re moving around and working your body, you’re going to feel a little better. Consider creating a list of exercises that are compatible with your chronic pain condition, and things could start looking up.

Improve Your Sleep Schedule

The amount of sleep we get is linked to our happiness and healthiness in a number of profound ways. The problem is, so many people are perpetually sleep-deprived that they don’t even notice that they’re suffering from the consequences of not getting enough rest. It’s just business as usual — and unfortunately, you don’t quite start to feel the full effects of great rest until you’ve been doing it consistently. In other words, one full night’s rest on the weekend isn’t going to compensate for an entire week of four-hour sleeps.

By getting a full night’s rest every night, the brain is more alert, capable, and effective. The body doesn’t tire as easily, it metabolizes better, and — you guessed it — it reduces pain signals. Getting the right amount of sleep won’t heal your chronic pain, but you can bet that it will help.

If you don’t get a good seven or eight-hour sleep each night, take inventory of why that is, and think of ways that you can make small changes to solve the problem.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Do you see a trend here? So far, most of the items on this list have come down to “live a healthy lifestyle.” There’s a reason for that — when our body is functioning optimally, the intensity of pains is reduced overall. There are a lot of factors in our day-to-day life which cause us to take sub-optimal care of our bodies. As we begin to neglect our health, our pains become more acute and the body becomes less effective in, well, everything. Having a healthy diet is a major part of this, and unfortunately, it’s one of the hardest things to maintain.

They’re not wrong when they say “you are what you eat.” Consider the fact that our food literally gives us the energy which powers our bodies — if you eat garbage, you’re going to get garbage performance. This includes things such as inflammation and pain management.

Dieting can be a complex and intimidating process, but it’s possible. The first thing to do is just start cutting down on junk. Start with the little things. Are you a chronic soda-drinker? Try swapping your drinks out with flavored carbonated water. Do you eat entirely too much fast-food? Go out less often. In dieting, one baby step leads to another, and once you’ve gained more control over your vices, it becomes easier to build out a more long-term, structured dieting plan.

Find Healthy Distractions

The thing about pain is that it’s always worse the more we’re thinking about it. A reasonably busy lifestyle that’s filled with healthy and fun activities can be a great way to mitigate your pains. Hobbies and passions are a good place to start — find something you can chip away at every day. Consider picking up a musical interest or learning how to do art. If you already have passions, increase your investment in them.

Having outdoor adventures is also a great distraction. It doesn’t have to be physically intense or demanding, just enough to get you into the great outdoors. Did you know, for example, that you can reduce your stress levels simply by walking in a forest? Trees release chemicals that have a subtle effect on our mind and body, helping us to feel more at peace. Vaping in nature is also a pleasant distraction from the pain — read our blog post about that for some great ideas!

Reduce Your Pains With Vesper One Luxury Vape

To conclude, let’s just talk about vaping one more time. As we mentioned above, one of the major reasons why Vesper was founded is because of Paul Pierce’s experience with the pain-relieving effects of CBD. CBD can be beneficial for anyone who is in pain, especially athletes who have pushed their bodies to the limit over the years.

When it comes to luxury vaping, you’ll find no better experience than Vesper One. Our vape is made from the highest quality components. Its high airflow combined with its incredible battery makes this a vape that will be handy any time, any place. Want to learn more about Vesper One? Click here to find out why it’s making waves in the vaping world, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.