6 Different Types of Vaper

Vaping, and vape culture in general, is something that a lot of people like to stereotype. Since vaping is relatively new in the public consciousness, having risen to prominence in just the last decade or two, there are still a lot of misconceptions that people have about the “average vaper.” The biggest one, of course, is the idea that an “average vaper” even exists. There are so many different people that vape that it’s impossible to lump them all into some kind of unified group.

A hardcore rock climber and a professional football player may both call themselves athletes, but the reality is that the two people are likely to be entirely different from each other, and it would be a disservice to both of them to just assume that they’re all cut from the same cloth. It’s the same with vaping! There are many different “types” of vapers out there. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Which Kind of Vaper Are You?

Please note that this article is mostly tongue-in-cheek, and that nobody needs to shoehorn themselves into a specific “type” of vaping personality. You do you!

The Casual Vaper

The casual vaper describes a huge portion of vapers across the board, and it’s likely that most vaping enthusiasts have some overlap with this category. The casual vaper is someone who mostly vapes as a social activity. This is someone who isn’t really caught up with the latest news or trends on vaping, and they probably don’t do it by themselves very often. Vaping is mostly an opportunity to have a good time with friends, with the added benefits of both tasting and feeling good.

With just about any hobby or pastime, you’ll find casual participants. Casual movie fans like catching a film in the theater with friends of family every once in a while, while hardcore movie fans are up to date with every new release. Casual sports fans root for their team in one or two sports and keep up with them when they’re doing well, while hardcore sports fans keep track of just about every game with every team.

With vaping, it’s the same. If you know a casual vaper, don’t try to “convert” them into something more hardcore — they’re probably happy right where they are. Though, they’d more than likely be open to good vape suggestions, so be sure to recommend Vesper One luxury vape to them!

The Cloud Chaser

Did you know that there are vaping competitions all over the country where people compete to create the most impressive vapor clouds? This is known as “cloud chasing,” and it can be done independently or in a competitive setting. But regardless of where you’re doing it, you’re not alone if you’re someone who loves to create the biggest and baddest clouds possible.

Cloud chasers almost see vaping as a game — there are a lot of ways to creating an impressive cloud, and to them, it’s like an art. Countless factors play into your puffs, such as your breathing patterns, the quality of your vape, the e-juice that’s being used, and so on. Cloud chasers love to experiment with every little thing if it means getting even the slightest gains in the size of their clouds.

And that’s not a bad thing! Cloud chasing can be fun and it’s easy to see why people are drawn to it. Lucky for you, Vesper One happens to be a great vape mod for cloud chasing. Its high airflow allows you to produce sizable puffs with relative ease; consider ordering one today if that’s your kind of thing!

The Flavor Chaser

Much like the aforementioned cloud chasers, flavor chasers are on a mission. When they vape, they have a purpose, and that purpose is to find the greatest vaping flavors in the world.

Vaping is essentially the act of heating liquid to a temperature where it converts into a misty vapor. Because of this, there are all kinds of substances you can vape, ranging from standard CBD mixtures to stuff that’s just downright weird. These are typically referred to as vape juices or e-liquids, and the one commonality they all have is that each one sports a certain specific taste.

Taste isn’t the only thing that juices provide, though. Some vape juices are meant to instill a specific effect, such as many CBD oils which are often said to have stress-relieving effects. Flavor chasers tend to seek out the best vape juices. Some of them might be seeking a specific effect that the vaping has on your body and mind, while others might be looking for pure flavor. And many seek for a combination of both.

If you have a flavor chaser in your group, you’re in luck — they probably know the best e-liquids for you to use with your Vesper One. Because our luxury vape is compatible with 510 vape cartridges, you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of popular flavors on the market.

The Gadgeteer

The gadgeteer is someone who loves the architecture of vaping, and you can bet that they’re always looking for ways to customize their experience.

With vaping, you’ll find that there is an endless amount of different vapes you can use, and even more accessories that can be added to enhance your experience. This is one reason why box mod vapes started becoming a popular alternative to traditional vape pens — people found that they allow for more versatility, such as having a powerful battery life, more customizable airflow levels, and so on

The gadgeteer is attracted to vapes that allow for options. If you show them your Vesper One, they may be particularly interested in its stunning battery life, which is far more powerful than average, able to last weeks or even months depending on usage. Vesper One’s durability would also be of interest to them — the more you modify a device, the more fragile it often becomes. But Vesper One has survived being run over by a car! We like to make sure that people won’t be worried about their device getting busted.

The Therapeutic Vaper

While many people vape for fun, the therapeutic vaper has a legitimate reason to be doing it — because it helps them feel better in both body and mind. The effects of vaping vary greatly depending on what kind of vape juice you’re using, but it’s often said that substances like CBD oil help people with stress relief, providing a pleasant calming effect.

For an example of a therapeutic vaper, you need not look further than Vesper’s CEO, Paul Pierce. You may recognize the name — this is the same championship-winning Paul Pierce that had a long career in the NBA. Did you know that Pierce struggled with stress, pain, and anxiety for many years? He searched for many remedies, and he eventually found that vaping helped immensely. Like many other athletes, Paul found relief through vaping, and many other people do too.

But just because you smoke for therapeutic reasons doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. You can vape for this reason and still overlap with any other number of vaping “types” on this list. And that’s one reason why Paul Pierce and co-founder Elliot Mermel created Vesper One luxury vape. If you’re going to be vaping a lot, why not do it in style?

The Annoying Vaper

If you’re anybody on this list, please don’t be this one. But there is a reality with vaping that we have to acknowledge — some vapers are just annoying. This, like some of the other stuff we’ve mentioned, is not a phenomenon that’s exclusive to vapers. Every hobby has its bad apples, from condescending artists to overly-competitive, poor-sport athletes. Unfortunately, the worst vapers are often the basis for vaping stereotypes, and they often give the pastime a bad name.

So what defines an annoying vaper? Well, there are plenty of things. But to sum it up right here, being an annoying vaper mostly comes down to not respecting boundaries, which can manifest itself in several ways. If you want to avoid becoming the bad guy in vaping, avoid these things:

  • Blowing vapor in people’s faces
  • Mishandling other people’s equipment or using it without permission
  • Always talking about vaping, all the time
  • Pressuring people to vape when they don’t want to
  • Vaping in areas where they’re not supposed to
  • Being condescending about other people’s vaping choices
  • Trash talking traditional smokers or non-vapers

You can be any kind of vaper that you want, but please try to avoid being this one! Countless people on the outside think vapers are solely made up of these types of character traits when in reality, the overwhelming majority of vapers are actually cool and decent people.

Vesper One - A Luxury Vape for Any Vaper

Stereotypes can be hard to bust out of, and that’s one reason why Vesper has put so much work into engineering a vape that could be seen as a truly luxury product. Vaping is beneficial to countless people for many reasons, and for more people to enjoy it, it’s important to destigmatize it to the public as a whole. This is already happening to an extent, with many celebrities making their vaping habits known to the world.

Vesper One is a luxury vape that’s built with the finest quality components, such as its long-lasting vape battery and durable exterior. This is a vape which shows that vaping can be a classy activity. Want to order your own to help break vaping out of the stereotypes it’s bound to? Order yours today!