5 Weird Things You Can Vape (But Probably Shouldn't)

Most people who are shopping for vapes generally know what they’re getting into when they do it — there is a multitude of different substances that can be vaped, but for the most part, there are a few different substances that make up the lion’s share vaping juice.

CBD oils and e-cigaratte liquids are the most common substances for vaping. Our founder, Paul Pierce himself has testified about the powerful and calming effects that vaporized CBD oils can provide, and e-cigarettes are commonly used as a substitute for smoking — providing similar effects due to the liquidized nicotine, but without the hazardous chemicals of smoke.

But what about all the other stuff? There are plenty of unique things you can vape. Some of them, while unorthodox, actually can provide pleasant sensations, while others are simply ludicrous ideas that you’d probably only attempt for the sake of novelty. Let’s look at a few of them!

Note: The best way to use Vesper One is to use Vesper cartridges and flavors that are designed specifically for it. We do not take responsibility for any consequences that may result from vaping unorthodox substances.


Catnip has always been a funny little substance. If you’ve ever owned cats, you’ll know why — they go absolutely nuts when you give this stuff to them! Well, as it turns out, catnip actually has a similar effect on felines that marijuana has on humans.

But we’re talking about vaping, and obviously your cats can’t vape — so what can it do for humans? Good question!

Did you know that people have reported feeling calmness and relaxation from vaping their catnip? It might not get you riled up like a cat would, but that’s probably for the best. If you want to try something crazy, maybe try putting this into your herbal vaporizer!

Note: Vesper One is an e-liquid vaporizer and we advise against using it to vape herbs.


When most people think of honey, they probably think about putting it on delicious buttered biscuits. While this is an admittedly fantastic use of honey, some honey aficionados have found more creative uses for it. Have you ever tried a peanut butter and honey sandwich in place of jelly? Prepare for your life to be changed. Have you ever tried dipping your pizza crust in honey? You’re welcome.

But who would have thought that vaporizing honey can actually be a surprisingly pleasant experience? Apparently, the YouTuber Serial Vapist did, and his verdict was more positive than you’d probably expect.

He described the sensation as being “really sweet,” and “actually kind of nice.” He doesn’t recommend it as a constant vaping flavor, but ultimately it might just end up being something that you enjoy trying at least once!

As creators of a luxury vape in the form of Vesper One, we have to warn you to be wary of cleanup and maintenance after vaping honey. You’re risking the integrity of your refillable cartridge due to honey’s natural stickiness, so this is something you’ll be trying at your own risk.


Vaping soda? What? Yeah, that was our reaction too. But, as with most things, if you can think of it, someone on the internet has probably done it. Vaporized soda is no exception, as proven by YouTube channel Can It Vape?!, who attempted to vape Mountain Dew: Code Red. Weird!

Well, as weird as it is, the results were surprisingly positive! While soda isn’t going to give you any kind of buzz, the brave souls who have vaped it have said it actually tastes pretty great! The taste, of course, isn’t much different than what you’d get by just drinking the soda, but experiencing it in vaporized form could be a fun and unique way to experience the flavor in a new context.

Energy drinks, too, have produced similar results. While Energy Drinks differ in certain ways than soda, they are still fundamentally similar, and others have vaped soda directly, such as YouTuber akonrocks25. He, too, reported a good flavor that’s reminiscent of the drink.

Is vaping soda a viable alternative to drinking it? Nah, probably not. And, like honey mentioned above, it’s probably not something you’ll want to be vaping on a regular basis. But as a fun novelty experience with friends? Go for it!

Once again, we feel compelled to note that when you vape soda, you’re doing so at your own risk, and that it might not be easy to clean your cartridge due to its sticky residue.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are all the rage right now! Everywhere you turn, you’ll find people touting the amazing effects that these oils have on your mind and body. In some cases, they’re inflated sales pitches that far exaggerate the benefits of essential oils. But in other instances, these reports can be entirely credible — it depends on the oil, how you’re partaking it, and what you intend to get out of the experience.

The concept of vaporizing essential oils isn’t new — in fact, there is a multitude of different vaporizer products for this exact purpose — and not the kind of vape that we sell at Vesper. These are standalone products that you’d put on an end table or kitchen counter, which convert essential oils into vapors so you can enjoy their therapeutic effects anywhere in your home.

Vaping essential oils through a mini vape mod like Vesper One is the same principle, just a little more direct. This isn’t one of those weird vaping substances like soda or honey — you’re likely to find countless 510 cartridges that are pre-filled with a variety of different essential oils.

Essential oils are often used as a component for extra flavor in vape cartridges, and are rarely vaporized in their concentrated form. Due to the sheer variety of different essential oils, we urge you to do your research before you vaporize these.


Like some of the other items on this list, alcohol is something that should ideally be enjoyed in its natural liquid form. There are many who have attempted to vape it, and reactions range from being pleasant to absolutely “god-awful.” Vodka in particular is a popular choice for alcohol vaping, and if you’re a regular partaker, you might be interested to know that the sensation is like.

However, vaping alcohol may be more trouble than its worth. There are inherent risks when you do this, such as messing up the dosage. When you inhale alcohol, you’re sending it straight to the brain, which often causes you to feel its effects instantly. But this isn’t necessarily a good thing — vaporized alcohol isn’t something you want to be sending to your brain on a regular basis, and there’s no way to expel it once it’s in — whereas you have the option of throwing up when you drink it in its regular form.

Amazing Luxury Vape Flavors

While we could list many more, it’s always important to remember that the best vaping experience will always come from vaporizing e-juices and flavors that are specifically engineered for that purpose. To this end, we highly recommend Vesper One as your vape of choice.

Vesper One is an incredible vape battery mod which has compatibility with 510 cartridges. This means that, instead of trying something crazy like Mountain Dew, you can simply pop in your favorite CBD oil cartridge and vape the right way. Vesper also has its own form of cartridge, and the flavors live up to Vesper’s quality as being a luxury vape.

While you can vaporize weird things, why do that when you have access to a collection of incredible flavors and an amazing vape in the form of Vesper One? For a luxury vaping experience, order your own Vesper One today, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.