5 Ways to Reduce Chronic Stress

In our last blog post, we discussed various ways to deal with chronic pain outside of prescription painkillers. For a vaping blog, this might seem like an odd choice on paper, but the reality is that vaping hemp-based CBD can be an effective way to deal with both pain and stress, and it’s actually one of the major reasons why Vesper was founded. Our co-founder, Paul Pierce is a former NBA superstar who turned to CBD as a means to deal with chronic pains that he had experienced for years. He, and countless others, found it to be an effective remedy, and thus Vesper was born.

Vaping CBD is useful for pain, but it can also be a boon to stress levels. And make no mistake — stress and pain, while similar, are two very different things, and it’s quite possible to have one without the other. Many people have no pains to speak of, but suffer from chronic stress. We are witnesses to the power that vaping has to reduce stress, but there are also a lot of changes you can make in your lifestyle to keep your cortisol levels down.

Looking to have a more stress-free life? Here are some things you can do.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle

In our last post about dealing with chronic pain, most of the points came down to making simple changes in your lifestyle to be more healthy. Because that took the majority of the last blog, we won’t spend all our time elaborating on those. But since the same principles still apply, we’ll list them here. If you are lacking in any of the following three areas, it could very well be increasing your stress levels.

  • Exercise Regularly: Exercise (or a lack thereof) is directly linked to your stress levels — by engaging in regular physical activity, the amount of cortisol in your body lowers. Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone,” and you can pretty much think of it as a physical representation of the stress you’re feeling. When there’s too much of it, it doesn’t play well with our bodies. It can accentuate pain, cause headaches, and make us feel all-around awful. Exercise directly combats cortisol, so get out and move around! Your body will thank you for it.
  • Get Enough Sleep: Sleep is a tricky one. When we’re stressed out, we get less sleep, and when we get less sleep, we get more stressed. It’s a vicious cycle, but there are measures you can take. Identify exactly why you’re not getting enough sleep, and work at those problems. Try to get to bed earlier and get away from activities like staring at a screen in bed. If you’re doing everything you can but you still have problems, consider talking to a doctor.
  • Eat a Healthy Diet: If you struggle with eating unhealthy foods, we sympathize. Who hasn’t had this struggle in their life? Nonetheless, it’s indisputable that junk food doesn’t do your body or mind any favors. It can lead to weight gain, inflammation, and just feeling gross. Junk food can directly affect your stress levels by feeding your body sub-optimal fuel, and it can indirectly affect them by chipping away at self-esteem. People tend not to like gaining weight and feeling lethargic. These things, being a result of junk food, can chip away at one’s long-term happiness.

Spend Time Among Nature and Trees

Time for a thought study. Imagine two people — one who lives in a fairly peaceful, remote area that’s surrounded by nature and forest, and one who lives smack in the middle of a downtown metropolis. Ask yourself which one is probably more stressed in their day-to-day life. We’re not mind-readers, but we’re going to guess that you answered with the former.

Indeed, we tend to subconsciously link nature with feelings of peace and tranquility. Well, there is a lot of research which suggests that this isn’t just a superficial thing — mother nature, as it turns out, has direct effects on our chemical levels, and can actually help us feel less stressed.

It is speculated that trees release chemicals which have an effect on our brains, helping to lower cortisol levels and make us feel more at peace. To an extent, we’ve always known this on a subconscious level — urban areas have long been designed to accommodate trees, greenery, and parks. But there is, in fact, scientific research which is starting to show that nature calms us down on a microbiological level. Pretty cool! With that in mind, consider taking Vesper One and finding a beautiful space in nature to vape some CBD.

Evaluate Your Workplace Conditions

Job-related stress is a very real thing, and for some people, it’s overwhelming. It’s also not new; it’s a tale as old as time and there have been countless movies, books, documentaries, and music which ask the question, “Is your happiness a fair price to pay for your livelihood?”

Now, we can’t comment a whole lot on your specific workplace-related stress. Everyone has a different job, with different leaders, responsibilities, cultures, and hours. Some workplaces make admirable efforts to make life comfortable and happy for their employees, and others seem hellbent on exacerbating the problem as much as they possibly can without being sued. You could be on one end or the other, or somewhere in the middle, but it’s something that deserves some introspection and consideration.

If you’re stressed out by your job on a day-to-day basis, it might be worth looking for a new opportunity. It’s easy, of course, to say “just find a new job,” but everyone in the workforce knows that’s easier said than done. While spontaneously quitting might not be your best option, seeking a new opportunity could benefit you in the long run. Some jobs feel like they systematically suck the soul out of you, and if you’re at that point, let yourself be tormented no longer

On the other hand, sometimes job stress is manageable and there are viable solutions. If you’re having feuds with coworkers or management, there might be civil approaches you can take to talk things out. If you feel overwhelmed with your workload, sometimes management is more understanding than you might think. Ask yourself how you can take action, and do those things. You are your own master! No amount of livelihood is worth a lifetime of misery.

Cuddle and Snuggle

Everyone loves a good cuddle session, but guess what? It’s not just a matter of opinion, it’s science! Cuddling has been shown to affect your brain chemicals in all the right ways, making it a prime, go-to way to relieve stress. Cuddling increases oxytocin production. Oxytocin creates feelings of love and happiness, and is often released in bonding activities. But not only that, it also lowers cortisol levels.

In this way, cuddling acts as a double-whammy hammer against stress — it directly makes us happier, while at the same time lowering the stress that we already have.

Now, not everyone has a partner with whom they can initiate snuggle sessions at a moment’s notice. If you’re single, it’s possible you may be long overdue for some good cuddling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Cuddling with pets is a viable option, and it produces the same effects as bundling up with a loved one.

Pets, in general, can help us feel happier. Dogs are valuable friends who will love you unconditionally, but if you don’t have enough bandwidth in your life for one (or think you’d be more stressed out by having to care for one), cats are also an amazing option. They are low-maintenance, exceedingly soft and squishy, and are far more loving and cuddling than movies and TV would have you believe.

Relieve Stress With CBD and Luxury Vaping

As we mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, vaping CBD is an amazing option for combatting stress. It can not only help feelings of chronic pain, but it is also commonly reported to make people feel more calm and relieved while improving mood at the same time.

If you have an interest in trying CBD as a method of stress-relief, you’ll want a good vape. At Vesper, we’ve got you covered. Vesper One is a luxury vape designed to not only be sophisticated, but also to deliver the finest vaping experience possible at an agreeable price point. Our vape is exceedingly durable, sports an amazing battery life, and it’s compatible with all standard 510 vape cartridges. You’ll love using Vesper One. Ready to have your own? Browse our online store here, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.