5 Types of Anti-Vapers You've Probably Met Before

If you’ve gotten deep into the world of vaping, there’s probably one truth that’s abundantly clear by now — not everyone loves vaping. In fact, that’s somewhat of an understatement. Vaping, while becoming increasingly popular on a mainstream level, still has quite the stigma surrounding it. A stigma that, unfortunately, is quite often based on ignorance. Despite the many celebrities who have embraced vaping and athletes (such as Vesper CEO Paul Pierce) who have professed the positive effects of CBD, there are still countless people who hold an irrational grudge against vaping.

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you’ve probably run into some of these anti-vapers before.

The Moral Police

The moral police aren’t a phenomenon that’s exclusive to vaping — at any point in history where a slightly controversial recreational activity comes into vogue, you can bet that they will be aggressively against it, due to an ingrained set of preconceived notions that they’re unwilling to compromise on.

The moral police could be made up of anyone in your life. It could be a concerned mother who reads far too many sensational blogs. It could be the pastor you’ve known since you were little. It could be your in-laws, who are on a crusade to stop any behavior that falls outside of their moral code.

The moral police take issue with vaping because of its similarities to smoking. Smoking, in their eyes, is an absolute, non-negotiable “no.” Whether it’s tobacco or marijuana is largely irrelevant to them, and in their eyes, vaping and even hookah may as well be the same thing.

Unfortunately, when you run into the moral police, there’s usually not much you can do because they tend to be set in their ways. The best course of action is to just shrug it off and not escalate the conflict — to do so would just affirm their views that you’re being corrupted by an insidious influence.

The Armchair Researcher

The armchair researcher is someone who has done their homework on vaping — only their homework is primarily made up of Facebook “news pages” that are filled with sensational content which is solely designed to reaffirm their preexisting views.

These people are quick to bring up THE FACTS that they’ve so arduously studied from clickbait articles. Nothing can convince them that vapes don’t have a 100% chance of exploding, because, you know, science has proven it. They cannot be persuaded that vaping can have positive effects because their authoritative sources have claimed that it’s ten times worse than smoking and architected by Satan himself.

The armchair researcher loves feeling smarter than anyone else, and they tend to put their trust into “facts” and “science” — but only if said facts and science already align with their biases. That being said, some of these folks are open-minded when they’re presented with real data. Sometimes it can be worth having a productive discussion with them if you have some hard data, but proceed with caution — it could very well be an exercise in futility.

The Shill

The word “shill” is a term for someone who masquerades as a person who’s fundamentally opposed to something, when in reality, they’re just being paid by the opposition.

Truth be told, you’re unlikely to run into many anti-vaping shills in real life. The biggest entities that have something to lose from the rise of vaping culture are cigarette companies, and the likelihood of you knowing someone who’s being paid off by them to diss vaping is pretty low.

The story is different, however, once you get online. Paid shills are a phenomenon now, both in business and politics. Personalities on Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, and other social media are often only working in the interest of companies that are paying them off, and if you run into articles and posts that are militantly anti-vaping, they could very well be written by shills or trolls.

We’re not saying you should distrust facts and statistical data. But we do recommend that you double check things you read online with thorough research. Many extraordinary claims made against vaping can be easily disproven.

The Hipster

The hipster is the type of anti-vaper who isn’t fooling anyone — if it weren’t for the fact that vaping is popular, you can bet without a doubt that they’d be doing it themselves.

The anti-vaping hipster staunchly refuses to partake in any kind of social norm if “everyone else” is doing it. This may not make sense, since vaping isn’t quite something that “everybody else” is doing just yet, but we don’t dare to interpret the minds of these folks. The bottom line is, if it’s picking up steam in the mainstream, they’re going to be right out.

The ironic thing about the anti-vaping hipster is that they never quite have a solid argument as to why they’re against vaping, and they often partake in more dangerous behavior, such as drinking in excess or smoking cigarettes. Their taste changes like the breeze, and if vaping suddenly fell out of vogue and cigarettes became all the rage again, they’d be vaping up a storm.

The anti-vaping hipster will do whatever they can to make sure they’re unlike everyone else, so it might be fruitless to attempt to convert them to vaping. If they do bite, you have no way of knowing when their preferences will change in the future.

The Anti-Smoker

When it comes down to it, the anti-smoker’s heart is in the right place. They’re understandably frustrated about the blatant and obvious health dangers of smoking, and may have even lost a relative due to lung cancer, or gone through the addiction themselves. That’s all well and good, as the dangers of smoking nicotine are well documented, and it’s easy to wonder why someone would voluntarily subject themselves to that.

So what’s the problem? The problem is that anti-smokers often have the tendency to irrevocably bundle vaping and smoking together as the same thing. The similarities are so close that they assume vaping must be as bad if not worse, and if they’re friends with an Armchair Researcher or the Moral Police, they may have heard all kinds of false soundbites which confirm these beliefs.

Anti-smokers aren’t completely wrong. Vaping, after all, originated as a way to consume tobacco in the form of e-cigarettes, and many people still use their vapes for that express purpose. While e-cigarettes avoid the harmful chemicals of smoke, it would be a lie to say that they’re harmless.

What anti-smokers fail to realize is that vaping isn’t limited to tobacco-based vape juices. An incredible variety of substances can be vaped and many of them are harmless! They also don’t take into account that e-cigs are a viable way for people to get away from cigarettes, an important step in quitting tobacco for good.

If you know an anti-smoker who’s avidly against vaping, they’re not a lost cause. Like we said, their heart is in the right place, but they may need some facts and data to steer them in the right direction.

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