5 Occasions Where a Dead Vape Battery is Just the Worst

If you’re not used to your devices dying on the regular in 2019, we don’t know where you’ve been the last several years. While we have seen astonishing technological advancements that have given us more versatile mobile gadgets than ever before, one of the prices we’ve paid for it is shortened battery life.

In the good old days, you might remember your old candy-bar phone that could last a week on a single charge, compared to the smartphone you use now which can barely maintain itself for six hours. Unfortunately, vapes aren’t immune to the pressures of a constantly diminishing battery, and sometimes they choose to die at the most inconvenient times.

While sometimes a dead battery isn’t a huge deal, there are other occasions where it can put a real damper on your day. In these situations, you’d be best off having Vesper One, which has one of the best vape batteries on the market, with a single charge that can last for 1200 puffs and go for weeks without recharging. But if you don’t have one, here are some situations where you’ll feel really put out.

On a Hike or Nature Outing

When you’re going out into the wilderness, important decisions need to be made regarding your technology. Did you bring car chargers? Will you have access to any power? Are you going to leave your gadgets behind and welcome a day or two of screenless experiences? Whatever your decision is, it’s going to affect your vape.

The truth is, vaping can be a wonderful experience in the great outdoors. Vaping can have calming, stress-reducing effects (depending on the vape juice you’re packing), and there’s nothing that enhances that like being outdoors, in the fresh air, with a beautiful view of some serene mountains or crashing ocean waves.

That is, of course, unless your battery croaks unexpectedly. Unless you’ve brought an external charger (specifically, one that’s also compatible with your vape), you’re plain out of luck. You can still manage to have a good time, but you’ll be bummed out that you missed out on a fulfilling vape experience. This is especially true if you’re on a social outing — who wants to be the only person in a circle of friends around a campfire who doesn’t have a working vape?

At a Concert or Event

Every concert is going to have different rules on their smoking policies, and these usually apply to vaping as well. While sometimes you won’t be allowed to vape your favorite e-liquids at a concert, there are also a wide variety of venues where it’s totally cool, and it would be a huge letdown to discover that your vape battery has depleted right when you want to blow some clouds!

This can also be frustrating because concerts are usually about the experience, and if you brought a vape, there’s a good chance that your friends are on the same boat. Like the camping example above, you never want to be the only chump in a group who can’t join the vaping session. While concerts often happen in buildings where power isn’t too far away, it’s not really an option to go find an outlet somewhere and sit there waiting for your device to charge — especially if you got good seats!

At a Friend’s House

“Hold up,” you might be thinking, “wouldn’t it be easy to charge your vape at someone’s house?” The answer is a definitive yes, but only if you were astute enough to bring your charging cable. If you didn’t, you’re pretty much out of luck unless your buddy has the same type of cord on hand.

The good news is that, much like smartphones, many vapes share the same charging cables. Some vape models charge directly from a mini or micro USB cable, much like Android phones across the board. However, there are still many vape models out there which have proprietary charging methods and are unlikely to be commonly found at other people’s homes, unless they share your same taste in vapes.

This is another convenient part of having Vesper One as your go-to vape — Vesper One uses a USB-C cord, which is becoming the new standard charging cord for smartphones and other devices such as tablets and smaller laptops. While the world still hasn’t fully transitioned from Micro USB which came before, it’s becoming easier with each passing day to find USB-C cords in the wild. But if you’re unsure, make sure to pack one in advance. Or, you could avoid the problem entirely by bringing a charged Vesper One — your choice!

Out On the Town

Having a dead vape when you’re out and about running errands is a lot like having a dead phone. Yes, you’re constantly surrounded by buildings and power outlets, but you’re never in one spot for a prolonged period of time. Despite the fact that charging is readily available to you, it’s just inconvenient and annoying to have to put your errands on hold to sit and wait for a device to charge.

Now don’t get us wrong — if the plan for your day is going to consist of walking around a city, vaping doesn’t have to be a required part. It’s not like your plans will be ruined if you can’t pull out your favorite vape juice and blow some clouds while you’re walking or during a moment of rest — but if you vape on the regular, you might be used to having your vape with you as a regular accessory.

Luckily, there are options if you’re out and about. You can, of course, just take a moment to rest and charge. This delays your errands a little bit, but it might be a worthwhile sacrifice of time if it means having a fully charged vape for the rest of the day. And if you don’t have your cable on you, you can likely buy a power cord somewhere nearby that can power your device. You could also prep beforehand by bringing a power bank that’s compatible with your vape.

Our advice? Just use Vesper One! Vesper One can last for weeks or even months on a single charge, so unless you picked the wrong day to go out, it’s highly likely it’ll have juice that will keep it alive for any activity you have planned.

Vesper One - Enjoy an Unrivaled Vape Battery

We like to refer to Vesper One as a luxury vape, and if you’re investing in a luxury product, you should understandably have high expectations for it. What right would we have to call Vesper One a luxury vape if it sported a wimpy battery? It just wasn’t an option for us, which is why we designed Vesper One to have one of the most powerful batteries you can find on the market.

Vesper One’s 1100 mAh battery supports 1000-1200 puffs per charge, and can hold its power for days, weeks, or even months depending o,n usage. This is one of the best vape batteries available on the market, and if you’re used to weaker vapes that like to die on you all the time, you’ll never want to look back after using Vesper One. Want to elevate your vaping experience? Order your own Vesper One today.