4 Great Vaping Places in Nature

In certain ways, vaping can be a way to connect to nature. While tremendous research has been done to cultivate the CBD vape juices that we put into our Vesper One devices, CBD compounds are ultimately derived from mother nature. There are also many cultures, both ancient and modern, which have taken to smoking natural substances and feeling that same connection.

Given that this is the case, one of the best vaping experiences you can have is to go out somewhere in the wilderness and light up your vape. The natural, soothing effects of the vape will help you to feel relaxed, and combined with the therapeutic effect of mother nature, it can truly be a stress-relieving experience that you’ll remember for years to come.

There are plenty of areas out in nature that are ideal spots for vaping. In this blog post, we won’t be naming specific locations, but different geographical features which can be found in many parts of the country — anybody can enjoy vaping in the great outdoors, no matter which state you live in.

Here are some great natural areas for vaping:

Near a Waterfall

Waterfalls have a way of helping us to feel deeply connected to nature. This is probably because waterfalls have a way of dominating their surroundings. When you’re near one, they invade every one of your senses. Your eyes are drawn to the glistening streams that fall down and coalesce together, your ears are bombarded with waters crashing together, your nose is taken by scents of fresh moss, and you can feel the constant mist and droplets that are always raining down.

If you’re looking for a true escape from your routine, urban life, it’s hard to find a better spot than a waterfall. When you’re next to one it’s hard to think about much else aside from the immediate present. Since the waterfall already provides such an immersive experience, you’ll love how you feel when you bust out your vape with some friends. Despite the loudness of the waterfall, it provides a near meditative experience where you can just close your eyes and feel like you’re alone with the crashing falls with nothing else in the world.

On a Mountain Peak

Every aspect of nature brings out something inside of us. Whereas waterfalls have a way of making us feel truly isolated in mother nature’s ambiance, tall mountain peaks tend to put someone in a very meditative mood. Mountain summits quite literally give you a new perspective — when you look down on a world that seems so much smaller than it did down below, it can help you to think about those things in life that truly matter, rather than the petty stuff that keeps us tied down when we’re busy in our urban lifestyles.

Being on top of a mountain is a good way to just get away from it all and see how tiny everything is in comparison to the impressive might of nature. Do you want a good moment of just sitting down and reflecting on life? Pull out your Vesper One on top of a summit and enjoy the effects of CBD oils as you contemplate on the incredible view that surrounds you.

As an added bonus, the soothing effects of CBD can help you to feel better if you’ve fatigued yourself hiking to the top. If the mountain is whipped cream, then your vaping experience is the cherry on top.

In a Dense Forest

There’s a reason why fairy tales almost always begin in the forest — forests, more than anything, are teeming with mysticism and enchantment. There’s something to be said about the effect that forests can have on someone. They’re probably the quintessential representation of mother nature, absolutely teeming with life, but untainted by human interference.

But it’s not just a psychological effect that forests have on people — there’s scientific evidence which suggests that trees and plant life actually emit pheromone-like chemicals which reduce stress in the human body.

So, by finding a nice forest clearing and vaping some natural CBD oils, you’re essentially giving yourself a double dose of anti-stress medicine. Forests are all over the country, and when you’re among the leaves, shade, and chirping birds, it’s hard not to feel like everything, ultimately, is going to be okay.

On a Twilit Beach

Don’t get us wrong — we’re all about that beach life every hour of the day. But you know how it goes. Sometimes a beach is good for fun and entertainment, and sometimes it’s good for natural connection and meditation. If you want to go to the beach for the purpose of surfing some waves or having fun in the sun, it’s best to go in the day, and you’re likely to be accompanied by crowds.

But do you want to have a truly therapeutic, memorable beach experience? Try going to a deserted beach during the hours of twilight. There’s something so peaceful and calming about being on your own while you hear the gentle crashing of waves upon the beach, as the sun sets slowly into the horizon. When darkness overtakes the beach, you can enhance the experience by setting up a fire, or you can opt to sit there without one — both options have their merits.

But whatever you do, the experience will no doubt be enhanced if you use your Vesper One luxury vape to enjoy some CBD. While a twilit beach is an experience we’d recommend to anyone regardless of whether or not there’s a vape involved, having a Vesper One will make it all the more memorable.

Luxury Vaping in the Great Outdoors

While people don’t often go out into the wilderness to have comfortable luxury experiences, vaping is an exception — an activity that can be luxurious anywhere you go so long as you’re using Vesper One. Vesper One has a miraculous vape battery, unprecedented durability, and amazing air quality which will allow you to enjoy the potent flavors of your CBD vape juices no matter where you are outside. Whether you’re in the mountains or trekking along sand dunes, it never hurts to have a vape session every now and then.

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