4 Benefits of CBD Oils for Athletes

If you’ve been paying attention to the news in the world of sports, you’ll likely have seen a trend over the past few years — CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular among hard-working athletes. Many athletes are public advocates of this non-psychoactive substance, and of the many ways to ingest it, vaping is among the most popular.

One of the biggest pro-CBD voices in the sports industry is none other than the CEO and founder of Vesper Vape, Paul Pierce. Paul Pierce spent 19 years in the NBA as one of the Top 50 All-Time players, and while it was his livelihood and a major achievement in his life, it didn’t come without a price.

Chronic pain, anxiety, and overall stress are common in the life of an athlete, and for Paul Pierce, vaping CBD oils has been a huge boon to these issues. Here’s why athletes are turning more and more to vaping CBD oils.

CBD Oils May Help With Pain

If you’re an athlete yourself, how often have you had to deal with recurring pain? Getting hurt on a day-to-day basis isn’t uncommon, and in more serious instances, athletes may sustain injuries that end up delivering chronic pain for weeks, months, or even years.

In any case, there are only so many ways to deal with it — painkillers are a proven solution, but can be a dangerous choice in the long-term due to the various chemicals inside of them which can build up into nasty side-effects, such as the liver damage one can sustain from excessive acetaminophen use.

While extensive and conclusive research has yet to be done on the verifiable effects of CBD oil on chronic pain, there are countless anecdotal instances of athletes claiming that it helped them with their issues. A prime example of this, of course, is Paul Pierce himself, who has tweeted about the ways that CBD has helped him in the past.

CBD Oils Are Said to Reduce Anxiety

Sometimes movies and TV shows don’t show the full picture of being an athlete. What we usually see is glamorization and hero worship — we see how athletes triumph through impossible odds, inspire teamwork, and push their bodies to peak conditions. But that doesn’t mean it’s all glory — athletes, just like anyone else, experience their fair share of stress or anxiety.

This can vary greatly depending on the athlete, what sport they play, and their level of fame, but there are certain consistent stressors that they experience such as the following:

  • Pre-Performance Anxiety: The stress to perform well is one of the biggest causes of anxiety for an athlete. Unlike an actor where performances are scripted, athletes compete in their craft, and sometimes an enormous level of pressure is put on them. We’re not joking when we say a high-schooler in a pro-football town may feel as much pressure as a lead quarterback on the eve of the Super Bowl. Stakes are high in sports, especially when audiences are so emotionally invested.
  • Fame and Attention: Athletes often become the target of media attention. This is wonderful in many ways, but also brutal in others. Many athletes go from “zero to hero” relatively quickly, and the vast amount of sudden exposure in their town, city, or country can be overwhelming — it’s not uncommon for certain people to have negative reactions to it in the form of anxiety and stress.
  • Insecurity: If you’ve ever felt unsure of yourself as an athlete, know that it’s only you and every other player who has ever competed. It’s easy to be insecure even if you’re at the top of your game. You’re always wondering what will happen. Can you keep up? Are your health choices debilitating your potential? Will the public turn on you if you do something wrong? Will you permanently hurt your body? Insecurity is frequent as an athlete and it can turn on you.

Regardless of what causes your stress and anxiety, many sports superstars have claimed CBD oils to be an effective treatment. Like we mentioned above, this is something that is still undergoing research in academic and scientific circles, but the anecdotes of prolific athletes certainly don’t hurt the credibility of vaping CBD oils.

CBD Oil Reduces the Temptation of Self-Medication

Since we’ve established that pain, stress, and anxiety are common traits among athletes, we have to consider the reality — some people are going to deal with this in healthy ways, and others won’t.

Self-medicating is the action of self-diagnosing your problems and treating them of your own accord with drugs, medicine, or substances. While the idea of treating your own pain isn’t fundamentally wrong, the term “self-medication” is one that carries a negative connotation, and conversationally, implies substance abuse.

It’s a well-documented fact that many athletes struggle with substance abuse. When the pain comes, so too do the illegal drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, CBD oils can actually be a boon to curbing these bad habits.

Vaping hemp-based CBD is similar to these habits, but without the destructive side effects. Socially, vaping is very similar to smoking. For many people who have built a habit of smoking harmful substances, one of the hardest parts of quitting is escaping the social setting of getting together with friends and smoking. Vaping is similar — you’re in a room together, you partake through a inhaling from a small device, it makes you feel good, and it’s an ideal setting for conversation.

The difference is that you’re not getting high or partaking of objectively bad chemicals. Vaping hemp-based CBD is a great way to replace one’s old habits, while still maintaining an air of familiarity.

Vaping is a Good Stress Reliever

We’ve talked about pain, and we’ve talked about anxiety, but what about stress? Can vaping CBD oils help with that too? The answer is yes!

First off, CPD oils have been anecdotally linked to a decrease in stress levels according to most users. So that is definitely a factor, but let’s look at vaping itself — even if the chemicals in the vape had zero effect on your body or brain, the actual act of vaping in of itself can be a good way to wind down.

One of the best ways to de-stress is to just take a moment to wind down, relax, and take things slow. It’s good to get away from screens, get away from crowds, and be on your own (or with trusted friends) for a moment.

Vaping is a good opportunity for all of those things! Even if you were just vaping water, there’s something therapeutic about sitting down and puffing some vapor. This, of course, is made even better if you’re using CBD oils that create rich scents and unique flavors.

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